Reports & Key Documents

Gold-level GuideStar Exchange participant
This organization is a Gold-level GuideStar Exchange participant, demonstrating its commitment to transparency.

As part of our committment to fiscal responsibility and transparency, we provide our supporters with detailed reports of our activities and finances. For each fiscal year, we create a comprehensive annual report to accompany our tax return. Major campaigns such as Hope 2 Haiti are covered in separate reports to ensure that as much information as possible is readily available to interested supporters. We also have quarterly donor reports to serve as interim reporting for the current fiscal year.

You can find additional information about our finances and programming on our GuideStar profile, or you may contact our Development Team with any questions you might have at

If you would like to request a copy of the 1023 (IRS application for exempt status) for The Art Department, Inc., or a copy of our previous year's tax filing, please email

To learn more about where the money we raise goes, check out Executive Director Cinde Monsam's blog post, "Why Does Random Acts Fundraise?".

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