Caught in the Act Award

We need your help to pick a winner. The act with the highest score wins!

We all know the world is filled with kind people. But every now and then you see someone do something special – something out of the ordinary, something so exceptional that it makes you remember all over again what kindness is all about.

Caught in the Act is your opportunity to recognize those people – to catch that moment in time and ensure it’s recognized and highlighted – an example shared with many. Caught in the Act is how we recognize an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to another person, a neighborhood, a community, or the world.

There are two parts to the Caught in the Act award. The annual winner, as selected by Random Acts staff, will receive US $3,000 as well as a certificate commemorating their kindness. Secondly, we hold a public vote on selected nominees. The winner of the public vote will receive a commemorative certificate along with US $2,000.

Throughout 2016, we received many nominations and it was absolutely thrilling to learn of so many wonderful acts performed globally. Now’s your chance to help us choose the public vote winner. Please use the form below to score the nominees.

Voting closed on March 13, 2017. Stay tuned as we tally up the votes!

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