2021 Virtual Staff Summit

Because of the online aspect, this year’s summit was open to all staff members rather than just the leadership team, and we benefited greatly from the additional staff participation.

Comfy Clothes for NICU Patients

NICU staff try to give families as many “normal” moments as possible, including dressing babies in regular clothing instead of hospital gowns whenever possible. When Julie learned that a local NICU needed clothing for their patients, she stepped in to help. 

Partners in Kindness

We could not have completed nearly as many acts of kindness over the last ten years if it were not for the generous businesses and organizations that have partnered with us. Partnerships play a critical role in funding our work, and we love having the opportunity to...

Nicaragua Update: November 2020

We have loved looking back at the last decade of kindness as Random Acts celebrates our 10th anniversary this month, and our destination projects are no exception. For our November 2020 destinations update, we are taking time to look at the past, present, and future...