Changing the world one random act of kindness at a time.


At Random Acts, we value each and every contribution to our organization. The support we receive from our partners and other businesses is invaluable. As you probably heard, Random Acts was hosting an online auction this year July 16–24. This auction was launched to raise funds to assist in furthering our Food Equity initiative this year. All donations will go to the general fund, where we can support large and small kindness acts. While totals raised through our auction are ongoing, as of the writing of this post, over $25,000 has been raised. This is remarkable! Thanks to supporters like you and the contributors below! 

This post is dedicated to the musicians, writers, and other artists who generously donated products to the online auction itself. 

For the Love of Books

A special thank you to the following authors, editors, and publishers who donated their work to our auction! You can see their works in various baskets such as Book Lover’s and Music Lover’s along with our Journaling Basket. Light blue background covered with many books. Some are signed by the authors.

  • Editor Lynn S. Zubernis awarded us with two signed books titled “There’ll Be Peace When You Are Done” and “Family Don’t End With Blood.” This makes the books a rare item for fans of Supernatural to get their hands on. 
  • Are you a fan of the Gilded Age Detective series? Well, you are in luck because editor and publisher Mark Williams kindly donated “The Frisco Detective” by Albert W. Aiken. Check the whole fun collection of Dark Lantern Tales on their website.
  • Sam Maggs, an author of books, comics, and video games, generously contributed a signed copy of her book “The Fangirl’s Guide to the Universe”. 
  • Author Amy Maltman charitably gave a signed copy of two of her books, “A Journey Unveiled” & “An Enemy Defined.” 
  • Gail Z. Martin, author of “Sons of Darkness” and co-author of “Spells, Salt and Steel,” donated signed copies of both books for the auction. If you are a fan of dark fantasy novels, you should check out this author. 
  • Fans of musical genres should know that author and editor Ann Wicker provided two signed copies of her book “Making Notes: Music of the Carolinas.”
  • A signed copy of the graphic novel “Eat, and Love Yourself” by Sweeney Boo was generously given for the auction. 

Music to Our Ears

We would also like to take this opportunity to give special thanks to the wonderful musical artists and groups that donated items for our Auction, where they can be found in our Music Lover’s baskets.Light blue box filled with various CDs and albums signed by the musical artists

  • Kinston and Greystarr charitably provided not only signed CDs but also stickers and T-shirts, making two incredible bundles by the musical group. 
  • Singer-songwriter Nick Howard graciously supplied a bundle of merchandise, including T-shirts, a tote bag, and CDs. 
  • Musical artist Paul Carella kindly gave us a signed copy of his CD “Bootleg Vol. 2” and a signed guitar pick necklace. 
  • Musical artist Gary Quinn donated two signed CDs titled “Gary Quinn” and “I Remember.” 
  • Actor and musician Rob Benedict generously donated two signed copies of the limited-edition record titled “Bring It In.”
  • Dom Wier provided a signed “Wayward Skies” CD
  • Enda Reilly contributed a “Where the Sweetest Waters Flow” CD
  • Father and son musical duo Widetrack provided a signed CD of “The Unawakening.” 
  • Carlson’s Caravan donated a signed Steve Carlson CD titled Decades, as well as a Jason Mann CD titled “Christmas with Friends” with multiple signatures from many of the incredible collaborators involved in the making of it. 
  • Additionally, musician, singer, and songwriter Jason Manns selflessly donated a multitude of signed CDs, including; “Covers with Friends”, “Covers with Friends: Quarantunes”, “Recovering with Friends,” “Begin” (By Briana Buckmaster, produced by Jason Manns), “Dick Jr. and the Volunteers” (signed by Richard Speight Jr.), and “Christmas with Friends.” Eternally grateful for these donations, Random Acts wants to thank Jason for always being a patron of Random Acts

To all who donated, we can honestly say we would not have been able to raise the money we did without your kind contributions. Words cannot express our gratitude! Please keep an eye out on our website and social media accounts for further information as to who your generous contributions have supported. Thank you all for being a part of our auction this year and for supporting Random Acts. We could not do this without you. Much love!