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At Random Acts, we value each and every contribution to our organization. The support we receive from our partners and other businesses is invaluable. As you probably heard, Random Acts is hosting an online auction this year July 16-24. This auction was launched to raise funds to assist in furthering our Food Equity initiative this year. All donations will go to the general fund where we can support large and small kindness acts. While totals raised through our auction are ongoing, as of the writing of this post over $22,000 has been raised. This is remarkable and thanks to supporters like you and the contributors below!

This post is dedicated to the large sponsors and the public figures who generously donated items to the online auction itself. You can see their donations in a variety of baskets and virtual meet and greets. 

Sponsors and Barbies and GISH, Oh My! 

Misha smiling and wearing a baseball cap showing the underside of the rim featuring signatures of several peopleThe Random Acts Online Auction would not have been possible without those that donated items. One of the big items includes a Supernatural ball cap signed by several stars of the show: Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Alex Calvert, and our co-founder Misha Collins. This item is priceless. We are proud to say that, as of the writing of this article, this item is at an incredible $790!

Many of our supporters have followed a path from Misha’s scavenger hunt, GISH, and they have generously donated a basket full of swag from their past events. It contains some unique items such as your very own GISH sock monkey hat, a Don’t Panic! button, The Rebel’s Workbook 2019 GISH Disorientation Handbook, and many more fun things. This basket will flood you with fond memories of past hunts. 

Special thanks to Stands for the donation of five gift cards and their continued support of Random Acts! 

Contributing to a couple of different baskets, HAMAMA donated two grow kits and several more seed quilts outside of the ones included in the grow kits. 

Breathe Magazine donated a set of four books, “Be Brave,” “Be Kind,” “Be Calm,” and “Be Happy,” as well as their Wellbeing Journal, Mindfulness Journal, and List Journal. 

In addition, some other items donated include a 1-year subscription to Thrive Market, a weighted blanket for your eyes from Alyssa Nelson from Nod Pod, and two Panda Planners and a Fusion notebook from Rocketbook

Further contributions came from Malcolm Christie, who provided a magnificent Bob Mackie Circus Barbie doll, and Rio Grande Games, who generously provided five (yes! five!) board games!

Thanks for Patrons and Continued Support

Additionally, we were lucky enough to receive generous donations from some of our long time sponsors, advocates, and patrons. These were in the form of favorites baskets and once in a lifetime opportunities to hang out with your favorite personalities from Supernatural! Their exceptional contributions and impact on this year’s auction has been priceless. As such we would like to give a large thank you to the following: 

  • A picture titled Explore the favorites of Misha Collins and shows bags of coffee, handmade mugs, poetry books, and some comfort itemsOur co-founder Misha Collins generously donated multiple meet and greet opportunities as well as a basket of some of his favorite things. Furthermore, we would like to thank some contributors to his favorites basket:
  • Alex Calvert kindly provided two individual virtual meet and greet opportunities with him. 
  • Lisa Berry generously donated a meditation/coaching session, perfect to help you unwind. 
  • Rob Benedict charitably donated limited-edition signed records, titled “Bring It in,” that you cannot get anywhere else! He also contributed a signed script from the 200th episode of Supernatural, the Season 10, episode 5 meta-episode called “Fan Fiction.”
  • Ruth Connell altruistically gave us twenty-six of her own t-shirts, which she generously signed, including Be the Clarence You Want To See In the World, All You Need Is, Hear Me Roar, The Bad Idea Tour, and many more! 
  • Our Executive Director, Rachel Miner, graciously provided a virtual meet and greet along with an acting-coaching session. This is an opportunity to learn tricks of the acting trade from our very own actress extraordinaire Rachel Miner! A large thank you for her continued guidance and grace for Random Acts!

Favorites Themed Baskets

As if we were not lucky enough with those donations, others thankfully supplied themed baskets in relation to their current favorite items. Ever wanted to know more about the products our beloved actor friends use? These baskets can help. They are filled with favorite items that they cannot live without.

  • You know all about her love for this earth and her strong advocacy for the environment and human rights. You could explore how that translates to her favorite products and brands with Rachel Miner’s basket! Some items include a beautiful sleep mask from Baloo with a smooth amethyst crystal that tucks in to go over your third eye chakra and a copy of “Humankind: A Hopeful History” by Rutger Bregman as well as other beloved items. 
  • Board member and actress Genevieve Padalecki’s basket provides you with everything you require to take care of your body and mind with incredible products including a sand cloud blanket, bare minerals long life herb serum, “Imagine it! A Handbook for a Happier Planet” by Laurie David and Heather Reisman, and more! 
  • Light the incense, draw a bath, and enjoy a cup of Matcha from board member and actress Danneel Ackles’ basket. It has everything required for a relaxing night, including a Pursoma Digital Detox Cleansing Bath Treatment, Pursoma body brush, and Kohden Incense Star Anise. 
  • Press the start button on your controller and get ready to enjoy Felicia Day‘s basket of favorites including a cozy World of Warcraft hoodie, World of Warcraft Burning Crusade mask, and a signed copy of two of her books, “You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost)” and “Embrace Your Weird,” just to name a few items. Gavel colors multiple shades of blue with a white Random Acts logo in the middle

To all who donated, we can honestly say we would not have been able to raise the money we did without your kind contributions. Words cannot express our gratitude! Please keep an eye out on our website and social media accounts for further information as to who your generous contributions have supported in this trying time. Thank you all for being a part of our auction this year and for supporting Random Acts. We could not do this without you. Much love!