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The impact of the humanitarian crisis in Syria is felt in countries all across the world, and especially those that neighbor their border. In 2016, Giles Duley brought to Random Acts’ attention four refugee families living in an encampment in Lebanon who needed some life changing assistance. Gishers funded a new wheelchair for a young girl named Aya with spina bifida. They were able to financially assist a mother and her child who had lost everything after fleeing Syria. Plenty of food and hope was brought to a family that included a 12-year-old girl who had tried to end her life to ensure that her brothers and sisters would have enough to eat. And Khouloud, a young mother who had been paralyzed by a sniper’s shot and had not left her tent in four years, was able to watch her children play in the sunshine again.

All of these families were moved from the encampment and into new, stable, permanent housing. Using the more than $250,000 raised by GISH, Random Acts was able to also pay for their needed medical care, provide them with plenty to eat, and help ensure that their children were able to get an education. These families have a much happier future thanks to the fundraising efforts of Random Acts and Gishers worldwide.