Changing the world one random act of kindness at a time.


Every so often, it is important to sit down, catalog, honor, and thank everyone (or everything) that brings light and hope into your sphere. Our friends at GISH (The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt) fit that bill—and then some. 

So, What Exactly Is GISH?

Since 2011, participants from all over the world (often called GISHers) compete in a fun-filled (and/or tear-filled) scavenger hunt as they complete a laundry list of Random Acts Co-Founder, Misha Collins, and the GISH team’s most random musings—pulled from the deepest caverns of their brains. It is weird in there…

GISH Embodies Random Acts

But among the bizarre items (like turning a bunch of garden gnomes into criminals and putting a unicorn in the living room), come the tasks that embody everything Random Acts stands for.

One such task prompted participants to ask grocery stores to donate their “ugly” products that would otherwise be thrown away. For people facing homelessness and/or a food shortage, the appearance of their food does not even come close to a priority. The hunt urged GISHers to hand out the blemished goods to those less fortunate.

This went hand-in-hand with our own mission this year to end childhood hunger. All year, we have been sponsoring acts of kindness to provide food for needy families, and we would like to thank GISH for joining us on this mission.

Changing Lives

Additionally, a portion of registration costs and Gishporium profits are donated to Random Acts, helping us spread kindness to people in need. GISH also partners with Random Acts for one major act of kindness—called Change a Life. This year, Change a Life focused on removing unexploded bombs from Laos.

When Laos children see the bombs, they look a lot like toys, leading countless children to lose lives and limbs to the innocent-looking explosives. Working with Giles Duley—a famous photographer and landmine survivor—GISH raised $241,960 dollars.

The fundraiser raked in almost $100,000 dollars over the target goal. The funds are going toward removing Laos’ unexploded landmines and providing prosthetics to Laos children who have lost their limbs.  

Thank you, GISH, for all you do to help us make the world a little kinder (and a little weirder).