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Here at Random Acts, we love learning about and working with amazing organizations from around the world. Each of these organizations is dedicated to making the world a better place by addressing specific needs in their area. One such organization, BlinkNow, has taken on the mission of empowering Nepal’s children, “by providing quality education and a safe environment.” Because of your generosity, we were able to lend BlinkNow a helping hand so that their 2019 Dashain Camp could provide safety, education, and fun for children in Nepal. 


Lunch at Dashain Camp

BlinkNow’s story began with that magical thing we love to celebrate— one person’s act of kindness and passion to make the world a better place. During a backpacking trip through Nepal, BlinkNow co-founder Maggie Doyne connected with a six-year-old girl. Maggie felt drawn to help not only that girl, but as many children as possible. 

Over the next few years, co-founders Maggie Doyne and Top Malla worked with the Surkhet community to make their dreams of helping local children come true. In 2008, BlinkNow opened the Kopila Valley Children’s Home. Just two years later, they opened the Kopila Valley School. They have since opened a new, “green” campus that highlights BlinkNow’s goal of sustainability. BlinkNow also runs programs to prepare graduates for their futures, a safe-house for women, a women’s center that operates as a space for women to learn and grow, a health clinic, and more! 

Dashain Camp

Craft time at Dashain camp

During October, schools in Nepal close for Dashain and Tihar festivals. This long break is similar to a summer break from school in the U.S. and presents similar struggles for children who depend on school for food security. BlinkNow staff often return to their home villages to celebrate, but the children BlinkNow serves still need a safe environment and a meal source. Dashain Camp is a ten day camp that helps to fill the festival break gap for children who have nowhere to go for the holidays.

At Dashain Camp, campers are able to participate in all kinds of enriching activities like dancing, writing poetry, swimming, riding bikes, creating arts and crafts, going on nature hikes, and playing sports. In addition to the fun activities and special outings campers go on, they are also provided with a nutritious lunch each day. Dashain Camp even gives them a special t-shirt to remind them of all of their adventures! 

Let’s Camp!

When we found out that BlinkNow needed help to fund 2019’s Dashain Camp, we could not wait to jump in. This camp is right up our kindness and fun alley. Random Acts was able to provide some funding from the #RANoHungryChild campaign to help provide lunches during Dashain Camp. We were also able to provide additional funding to sponsor those amazing activities and outings that make camp such a special experience.

Smiling child at Dashain Camp

BlinkNow reported that Dashain Camp was once again a success. This year, they hosted the camp at their new campus and were able to bring in even more campers than usual. Our donation helped BlinkNow to offer a life-changing experience for 400 children! Here is what Director of Development Ashley Dittmar had to say:

Your support came at a critical time for us to provide this camp for over 400 students. They were all well fed and safe—our top priority. In addition, they learned new skills and participated in activities (like yoga!) for the first time in some of their lives. The experiences they had the past two weeks will forever impact them and we are so grateful!” 

We are so glad that the campers had a great time at Dashain Camp! If you are inspired by BlinkNow’s work, you can learn about ways to get involved and give support here

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