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Grocery bags on their way to Harbor House

A trunk packed full of grocery bags

Do you ever think back upon your own holiday celebrations over the years? There is a delicate balance between the ones filled with magic and those that were less magical. However, it is often by navigating through the latter that we find a lasting strength. Random Acts Events Coordinator Jennifer Santangelo reined in on this message by combining both our #RANoHungryChild tour and her #RAHolidayKindness act into giving back to those who have overcome abuse through Harbor House.

Lighted Darkness 

Miscellaneous food in a grocery bag

Originating in 1984, Harbor House is the light for many of those who have pulled themselves out of the darkness. The organization has a variety of campaigns that range from helping women to children and youth. Their focus navigates the complexity of difficult situations. These programs have a holistic approach by not only being a safe place to stay through their 55-bed shelter but also providing a listening ear. Professionals teach individuals how to identify different types of abuse, what goes into restoring relationships between children and their loved ones, and, most importantly, enhancing their safety. 

Baking Miracles in Harbor House

Another beautiful thing they do is provide festive meal baskets for families in their outreach program. As they leave their negative situations, food is often the last thought on their minds. This is where Jennifer and her assortment of baking mixes and goods came in.

From the viewpoint of a woman working at the shelter, they were a blessing. For these families, receiving this basket was not only a blessing in food but in time spent with one another baking cookies, loaves of bread, and sweets. Jennifer noted, “It was really empowering to walk in with all of that food and know that not only would many families be fed, but that some would be baking together for the holidays.”

Is baking a seasonal tradition in your household too? Then, we whisk you a very Happy Holiday! Perhaps you have felt inspired by this act and are scurrying off to your kitchen to construct a gingerbread house for a local shelter. Either way, our Kindness Acts page is the best source of inspiration to boomerang the cheer.