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Today, we have an extra special story that combines two of our favorite themes: holiday kindness and fighting food insecurity. As a refresher, in November 2018, Random Acts encouraged all of our supporters to take part in our annual Endure4Kindness (E4K) event, and as always, you blew us away with your creativity and kindness. Funds from E4K 2018 were focused toward fighting childhood hunger. Your year-round support also makes it possible for Random Acts staff members to receive annual #RAHolidayKindness budgets to spread holiday cheer in their communities. Events Manager Alex Vincent decided to create double the positive impact by planning a hunger act and holiday act for a local organization. 

The Brick

Frozen Turkey Crowns donated to The Brick

The Brick is an organization located in Wigan, United Kingdom, that provides a variety of services to the Wigan Borough community. The Brick Project focuses on giving aid to those struggling with homelessness, poverty, food insecurity, and debt crisis. The Brick Project programs include Crisis Intervention, Hospital to Home, Asset Coaching, and Wigan’s largest Food Bank. The Brick Shop sells donated goods at reduced prices, making shopping more accessible for low income families. It also offers free clothing to those in need. The Brick Works focuses on ending homelessness and poverty in Wigan by providing training to increase employment opportunities. The Brick Re-Use program spreads awareness about reuse and recycling throughout the Wigan Borough. Finally, The Brick Giving branch aims to raise the funds necessary to keep these programs running.

Wigan has a high population living under the poverty line, including a large amount of people who are struggling with food insecurity. Because of this, The Brick is currently experiencing a higher number of families using their services than ever before. Alex reached out to the Brick to see how Random Acts could help make the holidays brighter for families in crisis. 

A Special Christmas Shop

Toys and Hygiene Items Donated to The Brick

During conversation with The Brick, Alex learned that they would be hosting a pop-up shop where families in crisis could privately shop for Christmas gifts and food for Christmas dinner. The shelves were stocked with donations so that everything would be free for shoppers. When Alex contacted them, they still needed frozen turkey crowns for Christmas dinners, Lego sets for all ages, gifts for older teens, and toiletries. 

Alex and her daughter used #RANoHungryChild funds to buy 35 frozen turkey crowns, which will provide part of a hearty Christmas dinner for those who otherwise would have gone without. They then used #RAHolidayKindness funds to purchase gifts and toiletries for the pop-up shop. Now, more families can share in the joy of giving gifts to their loved ones this holiday season! 

Did reading this give you a case of Holiday Feel Goods? You can read about more holiday acts of kindness on our website. For even more holiday fun, check out the #RAHolidayKindness hashtag on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Feel free to post using the hashtag– we would love to learn about your holiday kindness, too!