In March, we told you of our plans to give you updates on each of our big projects every month. Unfortunately, those updates may sometimes include news that is not all happy. Our wish is to give you an authentic update on the circumstances that the people behind our projects have to deal with.

This month, we would like to share with you the latest on the Jacmel Children’s Center in Haiti. This is the orphanage we all built together between 2011 and 2013 to give kids a safe place to live in and grow up. Your support back then was critical and enabled us to complete the proposed center, and even add a second level and a school. It is because of you that these kids have a caring home and receive an education that prepares them for their future lives. We are forever grateful!

Students participating in an art project.

This update comes to us from Bonite Affriany. Bonite Affriany is the inspiring woman on site in Haiti, who had the vision of building an orphanage in Jacmel to get kids off the streets. Your donations helped us to realize that dream with her.

Bonite shares that even before COVID-19 was introduced into the country, the situation in Haiti was very rough. She reports that there is shooting in the streets, and sometimes kids in the town of Jacmel are kidnapped from families for a cash ransom. Fortunately, the kids in the JCC are safe, thanks to Bonite and the house parents who are living with them.

But since the virus hit, the supermarkets have emptied and the banks are only allowing minimum withdrawals. Bonite goes to the bank every day, and afterward she goes to the local markets to get food for the kids. She has stockpiled enough food for the next 45-60 days if she is frugal. We are thankful to have Bonite and her team down in Haiti. They are taking good care of the kids with so much love and dedication so that everyone is safe.

Thank you for making that happen — for helping us build the walls that are the Jacmel Children’s Center today, a shelter and home for orphaned children in Haiti. We appreciate you so much, and, if possible, we appreciate you even more in such a difficult time. We will keep you updated about the situation in Haiti.