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Below you'll find toolkits and promotional materials for you to download and use at your convenience.


Feel free to download and use this flyer to promote Random Acts at any Random Acts sponsored event, or to hand out during or after an act of kindness. The PDF contains clickable links back to our site which can be accessed if sent electronically.

How to Self Care

Ideas and resources to help you be kind to yourself and reduce stress and anxiety

Doing Service from Home

Ideas and suggestions for performing acts of kindness from home

Communicating Kindness

Research shows that talking about kindness inspires others to perform kindness! This toolkit provides tips on how to share your kindness activities

Doing Service from Home
Communicating Kindness PDF

Kindness Activities for Children

Activities and ideas for random acts of kindness suitable for children

Pronous and Gendered Language

Provides tips and guidelines on the use of pronouns and avoiding gendered phrases in communication

Starting a Student Organization

Helpful ideas and first steps to begin a student group in your college or university

How to Apply for a Sponsored Act

Outlines the process of applying for a sponsored act, including instructions and eligibility requirements

Friends of Random Acts

A short guide on how to start a Friends of Random Acts community group

Promotional Materials


If you would like to download tag templates to use for your kindness activities, we have several options!

Kindness Business Cards

If you would like to download kindness business cards to hand out while you’re carrying out an act of kindness or to hand out to people you would like to recognize for doing an act of kindness, we have a few variations to choose from.


Show your support for Random Acts with the following blog badges! If you’ve completed an officially sponsored act with Random Acts, you’re entitled to use the “Random Acts Enactor” badge. If you’d just like to show your general support for Random Acts, please use “Random Acts Supporter”.

To avoid any confusion, please don’t use these images or the Random Acts logo as your avatar or to represent yourself on social media. If you’d like to show your support for Random Acts on your social media accounts, please use our Twibbon, which you can download here (link will be available soon).

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Random Acts Enactor digital badge

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Random Acts Supporter digital banner

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Random Acts Enactor digital banner

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