In many ways, the story of Random Acts began with our efforts in Haiti. Only weeks after co-founder Misha Collins seeded the idea to band together and do some good in the world, the catastrophic earthquake of January 2010 struck Haiti and gave us an initial purpose. We raised over $30,000 for UNICEF’s disaster relief efforts, and that success dared us to dream of doing more. Over the next several years, as our fledgling nonprofit found its footing, we turned that dream into acts that are making a tangible and lasting impact in Haiti. Through these efforts we discovered we are, frankly, awesome at something: Dreaming big and taking our supporters with us on the journey from Dreams to Acts.

The projects below are founded on the dreams of local community leaders. These are people who are already running successful programs that help their community’s vulnerable citizens, and who have bigger dreams but lack the resources to act on them. Random Acts partners with these amazing people to help them achieve their dreams. We believe in following the lead of locals in empowering their communities rather than imposing our ideas, so you can be confident that your support of these projects will lead to genuine improvements in people’s lives.

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The Free High School in San Juan del Sur is a grassroots nonprofit organization that provides access to education for adolescents and adults who are excluded from regular schools. This includes: Women with children, anyone over eighteen, people who work on weekdays, and those who live too far from the city to attend daily high schools. In 2012, Random Acts received a request from the Free High School to help purchase a bus to serve students who might otherwise have to get up before dawn to walk for hours and catch a crowded and unreliable public bus, students who skip lunch in order to pay the bus fare, or students who might drop out entirely because they simply can’t afford to take the bus. We fundraised and with the enthusiastic help of our supporters, Random Acts was able to help purchase their bus. Now we are setting our sights much higher: A Center for Human Development, which will be a beautiful campus for the Free High School. In 2015, we took on a much bigger dream: a Center for Human Development which will serve as a campus for the Free High School. We raised the money to complete the first building of the new campus, and in November 2015, a team of our top fundraisers took a trip to San Juan del Sur with us to meet both teachers and students and to put their own physical effort and sweat into building the campus. This year, we are fundraising for the second building of the campus, which will house the majority of the classroom space. Join us in the action and be a part of turning this dream into reality!

This was our first major destination project, Hope to Haiti. In 2010, after a devastating earthquake ravaged Haiti, Random Acts made a commitment to help citizens rebuild their homes, communities, and lives. Over the course of three years, we raised hundreds of thousands of dollars and funneled that money directly into building the Jacmel Children’s Center and supporting other local, sustainable projects serving children in Jacmel, Haiti. These are children who might not otherwise have a safe place to sleep, clean water, regular meals, health care, a school to go to, families who care for them, or most importantly, hope for their futures. We are deeply grateful to all of our fundraisers and donors for making this project a success, and for being with us during our journeys to Haiti, whether in person or in spirit. Though the project has ended, Random Acts continues to fulfill our commitment to support our partners in Haiti.