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Act Global: Wish of a Lifetime

We believe in the power of a single random act to change the world for the better. Imagine the power of thousands of acts of kindness taking place on the same day! That’s the idea behind our new initiative: Act Global. Starting now, we will periodically challenge each and every one of you to rally around a single cause on the same day, combining all our little ripples of kindness into one big splash.

Random Acts has partnered with Wish of a Lifetime, a nonprofit dedicated to celebrating seniors by making their dreams come true. We’re asking you to help us honor our oldest generations by handing out roses to senior citizens across the world — on Valentine’s Day (that’s Tuesday, Feb. 14).

You can participate in two ways. First, you can join one of Wish of a Lifetime’s ten official Cupid Crews that are already organized across the United States, including:

— Minneapolis, MN
— New Ulm, MN
— Houston, TX
— San Francisco, CA
— Boston, MA
— New York, NY
— Kansas City, MO
— Tampa Bay, FL
— Alexandria, VA
— Denver, CO

For more information on these events, e-mail

The second way to participate, if you can’t make it to one of the ten official Wish of a Lifetime events, is to join the effort as an independent crew. Organize a big group in your community, take a few friends and family members, or simply head out on your own to deliver roses and smiles to seniors in your area. Wish of a Lifetime will generously reimburse the purchase of up to 12 roses per Random Acts supporter anywhere in the world, up to 700 roses in total. To register as an independent Cupid Crew, complete this form — make sure you read the fine print first!

For more information about Wish of a Lifetime or the Cupid Crews, or to organize an event outside the United States, e-mail event director Jared Bloomfield (

Whether you join a Cupid Crew or create your own, remember to post your photos and stories on social media, tagging Random Acts, Wish of a Lifetime, and #ActGlobal.

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