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WHAM (Well-being Health and More) – Queensland, Australia

Random Acts is heading down under to Queensland, Australia!

Collinsville State High School in Collinsville is hosting WHAM, a community event to promote health and well-being. Fundraising Officer Beverly Burrows-Pym will be at the Random Acts stall with plenty of swag and smiles to hand out!

iPads will be set up for students to learn all about Random Acts and our kindness acts around the world. Students will also have the chance to participate in Kindness Bingo throughout the day, covering squares on their grid for each act completed.

Students can also take a true/false quiz to demonstrate and develop their knowledge on mental health. Those who complete the bingo or the quiz will receive a goodie bag full of Random Acts swag!

Are you planning on joining us in Queensland? Let us know!

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