Changing the world one random act of kindness at a time.


Is there anything better than having fun and making a difference? For us here at Random Acts, it ranks pretty high on our favorite things to do. For one weekend this last October, we traveled to Burbank, California for this year’s Creation Entertainment Presents Supernatural: Giving Back Show.

Blink, and You Will Miss It!

The convention, which took place over the weekend, was jam-packed with unique events, contests and games. All of which centered around positivity, kindness and giving back. Attendees started their weekend at the Random Acts booth to play “Escape From Perdition”. Armed with their passport card and a list of activities, attendees participated in acts ranging from the goofy to the downright hilarious. Running into a group of intrepid attendees scouring the convention floor for John Winchester’s journal, or tossing hula hoops at one another while showering their friends with compliments were commonplace.

Two Wayward Random Acts Supporters: Kim Rhodes and Briana Buckmaster. Photo by Iliana Habib.

Burbank was full of that special brand of joy that comes from having fun whilst being kind. It is infectious in the same way that con-crud can be, but with far more positive memories.

Giving Back

Each Supernatural convention we attend, we work with a local non-profit, and this convention we chose the Downtown Women’s Center. This organization is the only in the Los Angeles area solely focused on helping women who have or are currently experiencing homelessness. Founded in 1978, DWC is a trailblazer, being the first permanent supportive housing partner exclusively for women in the U.S. They provide a myriad of services for women in the greater Los Angeles area.

Writing Manager Becky Houseman and Events Coordinator Kristen Kress in front of the donations!

We asked the attendees of #SPNBur to bring some items to donate to the center, and you blew us away with your generosity! Thousands of items, including feminine hygiene products, toiletries, bed linens, socks, and underwear piled behind the Random Acts table over a period of both days. The donations alone filled up two carloads!

Thank you to all of those that came out, brought donated items and played games with us! We love your positive spirit and kind attitudes. We would let you toss hula hoops over us any time!