Changing the world one random act of kindness at a time.

yana_banner_signingWe’re happy to bring you this special guest message from our partners at the online crisis support network, IMAlive, regarding donations and funding to its volunteer counselor program:

“In the last several months, the Random Acts and IMALIVE Teams have been working together to recruit, screen, and train the new generation of Crisis Responders to support the fans and families of Supernatural and others in crisis around the globe.

Thanks to the new Front End Screening System Application (FESS), sponsored by IMAlive_logoRandom Acts, we were able to identify volunteer applicants best suited for this task and increased our retention and success rate by more than 300% while reducing our time and costs spent to achieve success per volunteer; This is a game changer for the entire global community, which consists of over 5,000 non profit crisis centers and hotlines worldwide.

lp-logoThe project is a success thanks to Random Acts and its leadership, Misha Collins, Cinde Monsam, Jennifer Willis-Rivera, Aimee Cummings, and the rest of the Random Acts teamthat have worked with us to advance this mission. In addition, without Creation Stands’ amazing effort in partnership with Random Acts to raise the funds needed for this program, this might not have been possible.

We thank you (the donors and supporters) for sponsoring the training of the first 10 Supernatural Family Network Crisis Responders. We look forward to achieving the goal of 1,500 Crisis Responders and hope to be able to achieve this in the next 90-120 days.

We are very proud to be partnered with Random Acts and Creation Stands.

A Spotlight On IMAlive’s Crisis Counselors

Each Crisis Responder below took a 10 hour training course and spent 30-40 additional hours practicing with other volunteers and supervisors before taking the final Competency Certification Exam. They are now volunteering online to support people who struggle with suicidal thoughts, depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses.

pasted image 0 (6)Patty G. from New Hampshire, USA — 165 volunteer hours

“I am a stay at home mother of four looking to do good in the world…I have the time and the deep desire to make a difference in any way I can.”


pasted image 0 (5)Jennifer T. from Virginia, USA — 12 volunteer hours

“I’ve been in your shoes. I’ve looked around and needed help and couldn’t find any. To be a part of an organization that provides help to those struggling with depression and other disorders is an honor for me. Please know that no one is truly alone-there is always help.”


pasted image 0 (4)Jane S. from Georgia, USA — 21 volunteer hours

“I am a mother, grandmother and great grandmother, married for many years and have lost 2 members of my immediate family to suicide so I am very motivated to participate in this effort.”



pasted image 0 (3)Aimee C. from New York, USA — 105 volunteer hours

“I believe that we’re a network of little lights, and the loss of even one light makes our world a little darker. I want to be able to help people to remember that they are important, vivid, valuable, and frankly amazing!”


pasted image 0 (2)Janice S. from New Jersey, USA — 16 volunteer hours

“I think it is very important to be there for someone who is struggling and I feel that sometimes what is most valuable initially is just to be able to provide a warm heart and open mind for someone who needs to talk and to also be able to offer resources for additional support.”


pasted image 0 (1)Proshonni A. from Bangladesh — 58 volunteer hours

“Why do people have to have a reason to help people? I went through depression for a long time and I know how tough it is to get on with your life. Just remember the choices you made before made you who you are. So don’t regret your past. Just live the present.”


pasted image 0Lara M. from Washington, USA — 43 volunteer hours

“I’m a good listener and I have completed hotline training in the past but never had a chance to use it. I’m glad to have the time to help others in crisis now.”



unnamedLeah E. from Illinois, USA — New Responder

“I live with MS and am currently taking care of my father who has cancer. Helping others helps me keep going.”


Sam W. from New York, USA — New Responder

“I’m a caring and compassionate person and I want to help others. I didn’t have the confidence before I took the training but now I feel ready and able to help.”


unnamed (1)Sarah A. from California, USA — New Responder

“I have experience being a crisis counselor for Veterans, but would like to expand my skills and learn how to help online.”


Thank you for sponsoring training for these first 10 Certified Competent Crisis Responders of SPNFamily Network!”

From all of us here at Random Acts, a very special thank you to all who have donated to support the IMAlive partnership, especially our friends Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, whose respective initiatives helped to fund much of the project, and whose welcoming presence and support at the conventions never ceased to amaze us. Their efforts to help us raise enough to back the IMAlive SPNFamily Crisis Network have provided enough to put the above volunteers through their training and will keep the program going for some time.

Perhaps more importantly though, is this: Whether you donated to Random Acts directly, spent your hard-earned money on a tee shirt, or bought one for a friend, know that you’ve made a difference in the world. You matter, and your acts, no matter how big or small, have not been overlooked. Thank you again for all your support — let’s get out and keep getting kind!