Changing the world one random act of kindness at a time.


Becky Houseman, Matthew Lillard, and Holli DeWees (all parties consented to a side-hug).

In years past, Random Acts has attended Supernatural conventions around the country and the globe. This year we were able to see many of our supporters in Las Vegas March 5-8, where the atmosphere felt like family.

There was some disappointment about the very understandable ‘no touch’ rule; for the safety of everyone in attendance as COVID-19 began to spread in the U.S., guests were told not to ask the actors to shake hands or hug. People still came together though, in what was a restorative and joyful convention for many. The Creation staff did an admirable job of rolling with the constantly changing circumstances.

The Spirit of Kindness

There was an undercurrent of anxiety for the world, as we were only just beginning to understand what was coming. That feeling extended to a fear of losing the spirit of family gained by being part of an incredible community found through this television show as it approaches the final episodes.

The really astounding part was, the more people felt that anxiety (or sorrow or grief), the more kind they became. People were comforting one another. They wrote poetry for our poet-tree and made friendship bracelets. Our supporters were doing kind acts for strangers, like sharing phhoto-ops with those who didn’t have any. They were looking out for friends by bringing them food and hand sanitizer. Attendees also showed up in a big way for the homeless children of Las Vegas.

The Children of Las Vegas

We were excited to be able to work with NPHY (Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth) again this year. Staff members Becky Houseman, Writing Manager, and Holli DeWees, Staff Writer, collected food, school supplies, clothing, and hygiene products. #SPNLV attendees did not disappoint! Of course, since the convention in March, the situation has become more urgent.

A thank you note left for NPHY staff (found on

NPHY has been working tirelessly to continue caring for the homeless youth of Nevada during the COVID-19 crisis. They have kept their drop-in center open for those in need during the pandemic. NPHY staff have been diligent about providing a safe and healthy environment. They have been providing case management by licensed social workers, food, water, hygiene supplies, showers, and other immediate needs.

If you want to help NPHY directly with their important work, the most impactful way you can help right now is by making a monetary donation. As Nevada’s youth continue to be impacted by COVID-19 in a multitude of ways, it is becoming more and more costly for the organization.

NPHY is also in need of critical supplies such as food, hygiene supplies, water, cleaning supplies, etc., as well as games, books, and art supplies to keep the housing and shelter youth busy. You can help by purchasing these items from NPHY’s Amazon wishlist to be delivered directly to the organization.

Our Supporters’ Passion

It’s no wonder our Co-Founder Misha Collins saw the energy that Supernatural fans bring and created Random Acts. What a gift this community has to be able to take any situation and make good things happen. Like some sort of cosmic realignment, we collectively try to put things back in balance with our good deeds. I feel incredibly lucky to have been a part of the experience in Las Vegas. While it may be some time before Random Acts can attend an event, please know that we look forward to seeing our supporters in person as soon as it is safe to do so. Random Acts could not accomplish what it does without you and we are grateful for you all.

Please be sure to sign up for our newsletter to keep up with the latest from Random Acts. Kindness cannot be stopped or contained, and as our Co-Founder Misha Collins recently put it, “We’ve got work to do.” And we will continue to do that work together.