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Use data to make informed recommendations for redefining strategies and definitions of success for departments, campaigns and programs across the organization.


  • Utilize data from resources (Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Sprout Social, social media native reporting, etc.) to make informed recommendations on marketing strategies.
  • Build user personas based on demographic data to better define current audiences.
  • Deep dive into demographics from social media reporting to guide new content strategies for garnering audiences outside of the fandom.
  • Work with each department to flesh out definition of a conversion and what the department’s KPIs are.
  • Assist in setting up Google Analytic reporting and redefine goals. Revisit on a regular basis to make sure that KPIs are being defined properly.
  • Examine existing data and analytics on campaigns and programs to assist in defining new strategies.
  • Assess the current digital performance and practices of the organization vs industry benchmarks and the organization’s objectives. Identify gaps and suggest revisions by practice and by platform.
  • Advise on a digital strategy per platform based on the organization’s overall and program objectives:
  • Increase awareness of the organization
  • Broaden the audience – age groups and demographic where relevant
  • Increase participation in programs
  • Increase individual donations
  • Increase corporate sponsor donations
  • Build brand equity
  • Assess the competitive landscape and report on best practices
  • Monitor and assess Random Acts campaigns and advise on revisions
  • Advise on better quality metrics e.g. quality of engagement as opposed to vanity metrics
  • Participate in a weekly debriefing session

Desired Qualifications and Skills

  • Advanced knowledge of Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and GTM.
  • Ability to extrapolate raw data into easily digestible spreadsheets and other forms of presentations.
  • Advanced knowledge of digital marketing analytics (at least five years leading data analytics for marketing) for websites, social media and other forms of direct marketing and how it pertains to achieving business objectives including:
    • Lead generation for individual donors
    • Lead generation for corporate donors
    • Increasing the number of volunteers
    • Increasing audience size
    • Increasing audience engagement

PLEASE NOTE: All positions within Random Acts are Volunteer Positions.

This role requires remote-working. Applicants must have regular and reliable access to the internet, as well as the motivation to dedicate their time to the organization.

If you are interested in this position, please read the job description carefully before applying for this volunteer role. You must include a resume when applying for this position.