Five Different Ways to be a Hero

Choose your Hero Type:

  • Business Hero: Aimed at companies, organizations and businesses of any size
  • Superhero: Aimed at young people 16yrs & under, can be used by teachers looking for ideas for Class Act
  • Outreach Hero: Focuses on activities that can be predominantly done alone but involve reaching out to others at a distance
  • Action Hero: Focuses on activities relating to acts, actions and bringing together groups of people
  • Resouce Hero: Focuses on activities relating to fundraising, developing understanding that resources can be so much more than money and bringing together groups of people

How to Participate:

  • To complete a category choose a hero category and complete any 5 of the 9 kindness activitives in that category. Click on the links below to learn more about each hero category and the associated acts.
  • Completing categories will earn you thanks and regonition, along with additional bonuses listed in each hero category
  • Complete 3 hero categories to be recognized as a Kindness Hero

Which Type of Hero are You?

Outreach heroes
Outreach Hero

Cultivate your Connections

Sign up for our newsletter (if you aren’t already) and share the link with your followers on social media to encourage them to sign up as well. Try to get ten people to join the mailing list! Then follow your Regional Representative’s account on Twitter, and at least one other Random Acts social media account on any platform. When you find Random Acts supporters, follow them, too! 

Be an Advocate for Kindness Heroes

Share the Kindness Heroes program on social media and successfully encourage at least one more person to get involved. As you complete activities, be sure to share your progress on social media.

Tell Your Best Kindness Story

Tell us all about an Act of Kindness you’ve performed by submitting your story to us for our blog or social media. Kindness snowballs when you share.

Your Kindness Origin Story

Take a video (max 50 seconds) showing how and why you got involved with Random Acts! This does not need to feature you, but needs to tell your story. We will share some on social media.

The More You Know

Read two books, listen to four podcasts, or read ten articles on volunteering, fundraising, social justice or acts of kindness. Share those with us and others and let us know what you’ve learned about how giving or receiving even the smallest act of kindness has the power to change someone’s life.

Use Your Passion to Share Ours

Do you have a passion or a special talent you can share in a moment of kindness for others? This could be creating art or making music for a cause. Find a way to turn your passion into an act of kindness!

Write and Film a Random Acts Ad

What would it look like if you could write and star in a 30-second commercial to promote Random Acts as an organization?Lights…camera…action! Let’s see what you’ve got! Please do not share your ad on social media immediately, we will choose some to share from our accounts.

Salute to Kindness Heroes

Give a heartfelt shout-out on social media to three or more people who you consider to be Kindness Heroes in their own right (This can be anyone who is not part of the Random Acts Team!). Use the hashtag #RAKindnessHero

Campaign Promotion

Find a Random Acts project you particularly like and create a promotional ad, artwork or blog to create a campaign resource. Use your imagination!

Super heroes

You’re a Class Act

Enter our Class Act program with your school or class. Use the other items in this element, or get ideas from Class Act to complete your application. 

Support Your Community

Find a need in your community and run a drive to fill it. This could be food, books, clothing, toys,, or anything your community may need. Read through our kindness stories for inspiration.

Perform a Kind Act

Do a sponsored act for someone in your community (the  permission of a parent/ guardian is required). Click here to apply.

Take Our Logo on a Trip

Take a picture of yourself with the Random Acts logo in an unusual place. We will share our favourites!

Show & Tell

Show and tell, give a school speech, or presentation with kindness related items. Your presentation could cover kindness heroes, social justice leaders, volunteering and mental health. It can also include items relating to Random Acts’ mission, like the acts we fund, our programs, how the organisation works, or our financial information.

Fundraise for a Friend

Run a fundraising activity to buy something a friend(s) needs. This could be an activity like a read-a-thon, a sponsored/ costume/fancy-dress walk, a bake sale or toy sale. Don’t forget to ask your friend’s parents if this is okay first and comply with your region’s fundraising laws.

Start a School Fundraiser

Get your class to create a fundraiser for your school. The fundraiser can be for anything your school is happy to support.

Join the Kindness Club

Join or create a kindness club in your school. Plan kindness activities with your club to support your school and community. Share what you did through photos, videos or the school newspaper.

Famous Kindness Heroes

Read a book about a person who changed the world with kindness. Share your thoughts and what you found out with your class. Ask your teacher/mentor/parent if you need help.

Action heroes
Action Hero

Kindness in Action

Perform an act of kindness sponsored by Random Acts. Click here to apply.

Community Kindness 

Plan and carry out a local community event appropriate for your region. Community events could include:

  • Litter/trash collection
  • Beach or park clean-up
  • Clothing or food drive

Volunteer Your Time

Help out a worthy organisation or individual(s) for 6 hours or more on a voluntary basis. Put together a virtual photo album or slideshow to show us your efforts.

Seriously Passionate Annual Ruckus (of) Kindness (SPARK)

Register and participate in SPARK, sharing your activity via social media. Promote SPARK, encourage others to take part, and share ideas. 


Participate in two #GetKind themes, sharing your accomplishments and promoting your Regional Representative’s activities, or those of a Regional Representative near you if you do not have a Representative in your area. 

Create and Donate

Create a piece of art or sculpture of items you have collected to donate to a local charity, nonprofit, hospital, or school. Share on social media and try to get as many likes, shares, retweets or reposts as you can. The creation must not damage the items you are going to donate.

Inspiring Businesses to Spread Kindness

Successfully encourage a local business to donate items or funds to charity.

Pass it on

Has someone done something nice for you? Pass it on and perform this kindness for someone else and encourage others to do the same. Share your story and photos with us on social media.

“Be kind to yourself so you can be happy enough to be kind to the world”

Develop new habits or take a course that promotes your wellbeing. Journal your experience for a month. Self care ideas include: 

  • Get things off your to-do list
  • Learn a new skill that promotes wellbeing
  • Journal
  • Develop a routine of meditation
  • Turn your phone off
  • Cook yourself a nice meal
  • Declutter a room
Resource heroes
Resource Hero

Support Random Acts

Even $5 a month will make a huge difference in the level of support Random Acts can provide to those in need. You can establish a recurring donation here. 

Create a Facebook Fundraiser

With just one Facebook post, you can raise funds for Random Acts without any cost to you (or to us since Facebook has eliminated donation fees). Set a goal and challenge your friends and family to meet it! Please register your fundraiser here before you begin.

Take a Random Acts Fundraising Class

Need a dose of guidance and encouragement for your fundraising idea? Watch this video created by our fundraising team that offers some helpful hints to maximize your efforts.

Create a Supporter Video

Create a video up to sixty seconds long demonstrating why you have chosen to support Random Acts with your own funds. Upload it to a social media platform of your choice with the hashtag #RAKindnessHero and let us know what happens next!

Review Random Acts

Find our most recent annual report on our website and take some time to look it over. Share a few things you have learned from it on social media and tag us in your post(s). Review our organization on a site dedicated to evaluating how supporters feel about nonprofits and charities on a site such as

Sponsor an Act of Kindness

While our Acts Program offers funds from $1-$1,000 to sponsor an Act of Kindness, you may also sponsor an act planned by a friend or family member. This sponsorship could be funding at a level you can afford, time, experience or knowledge. See previous example of Acts of Kindness here for inspiration.

Establish a Donations Jar

Ask a local shop, or even a restaurant, or pub if appropriate in your region, to establish a collection jar for Random Acts at their cash registers. Please register your fundraising act here before you begin. 

Declutter for Good

Place items you no longer need for sale on an online marketplace and donate the sale price to Random Acts.

Hold a Community Drive

Bring your community together by holding a drive to collect coats, books, hats, gloves, socks, food, and hygiene products for those who need them. Donate them to an appropriate shelter in your area and send us the pictures for our blog!

business hero badge
Business Hero

The Business of Kindness

Perform a company wide Act of Kindness.  Choose a cause (or causes) that make your team members passionate.  For inspiration, click here to see our most recent sponsored Acts of Kindness.

Pound for Pound

Find your team member’s favorite cause, and then match their donations up to an amount you specify. This could be any charity or non-profit other than Random Acts

Fundraise for Random Acts

Help further the mission of Random Acts by establishing a company fundraiser to benefit a project or program of your choice. Please contact to connect with our team to get your fundraiser started!

Be a Driving Force

Check out our current projects and hold a drive. Your company will collect items or donations to benefit such causes as #GetKind, Dreams to Act, or another program that best fits your organization.

Light a SPARK!

Participate as a group in our Seriously Passionate Annual Ruckus (of) Kindness (SPARK) to spread as much kindness across the globe as we can, with whatever acts of kindness we can perform. 

Become an official Random Acts partner

Partner with us or sponsor a Random Acts program. Find more information here: Or contact us directly for more information on how your business can partner with Random Acts at

Establish paid time off for volunteering

If your organization doesn’t already provide this option, establish it by allowing your team members to volunteer at least 8 hours per year on company time. If you already offer this option extend the hours.

Sponsor an Act of Kindness for a local school

Does your local school need some minor repairs you can make or equipment you can fund? Maybe the kids would enjoy a pizza party in recognition of achievements, or decorations for a special event? Contact the school’s main office and ask them how you can utilize your company’s resources to help brighten their day.

Working Wellbeing

Clearly demonstrate to your employees that their mental health is a priority by providing in house counselling or mental health first-aiders, setting aside part of the office as a wellness or relaxation area; feel free to be creative! If you already have resources in place, re-share and encouraging employees to use them, or put out a survey asking how you can make the resources more effective.