Have you ever wanted a way to document all the ways you’re kind? Have you ever wanted that documentation to result in incredibly awesome, originally designed virtual badges you can proudly display on social media? Of course you have, what kind of question was that? Random Acts is introducing a new program called Kindness Heroes, dedicated to the concept that we all have the heroic ability to be kind to others. Anyone can participate in our free program and complete ten levels of kindness. Every level completed earns one virtual badge! The levels can be completed in any order, with no deadlines, and range from easily accomplished goals to more complex tasks. And once you complete all ten levels, you’ll earn a top secret badge designed by Random Acts Co-Founder Misha Collins!


Level 1

Complete ten acts of kindness. These acts don’t necessarily have to be documented, as they can range from something as simple as holding the door open for a stranger to as elaborate as you want to make them. Once you have completed the ten acts of kindness, complete and submit the form here.

Level 2

Complete ten acts of kindness and tweet about each one! Be sure to tag @RandomActsOrg and use #KindnessHero. Once you have tweeted about all ten, submit the links to the tweets here.*

Level 3

Undertake ten acts of kindness WITH pictures or video*. Upload the images/video for each of your ten acts of kindness to Twitter or Facebook and submit the ten links here!

Level 4

Random Acts runs #AMOK!
In order to earn the level four badge, you must participate in our Annual Melee Of Kindness event.
Complete an entire weekend of kindness acts or organise one or two acts that make a difference to many people.
Do your act and document it, then tweet out your pictures*. Be sure to tag @RandomActsOrg and use #AMOKRA20! Once you’ve completed your tweet, go here to submit the link.

Level 5

Do one Act of Kindness for someone else using our Act Proposal form here. You must complete the act proposal process and have the act approved for this badge to be awarded. Be aware that anyone under 18 must also fill out the accompanying parental consent form. Make sure to document your event with pictures! Once your act and final report are complete, let us know here!

Level 6

Participate in E4K. Keep an eye on our calendar and social media for official dates. We announce the events on our website too! After completing your E4K, fill out the form here. Be sure you document it well! We want to see photos or video* of what you do, you creative people, you

Level 7

Do a local act! Connect with your community and do a big act of kindness with a group. With at least 7 other people, do some amazing act of kindness to help your community or someone in your community! Use your imagination and blow us away with your kindness and creativity (or weirdness…we like weirdness too). Be sure to document with pictures and/or video*! You must also submit to us at events@randomacts.org. Maybe your event will be featured on our website! Once you have completed the event and emailed our events team, tell us about it here.

Level 8

Do a Random Acts fundraiser! Random Acts uses its funds to help build schools, assist others who are trying to make a difference in the world, and in countless other ways. Now you can have a bigger part in changing the world. Try and come up with fun, creative (and quirky!) ways to raise funds and awareness of Random Acts. Fill out the form here. Remember, the amount raised isn’t nearly as important as your creativity and dedication. Every dollar helps us change lives! Once your fundraiser is over and you’ve submitted your funds, tell us about it hereNote: when sending funds, please use one of our online donation services, check, or money order; no cash, please!

* Please ensure that if you use pictures and/or video, you have obtained permission from those recorded.

Level 9

Help a classroom submit a Class Act. If you’re not a student or a teacher yourself, reach out to your community for a classroom in need. You and the class will collaborate to create an inventive act of kindness in your own community. You can find out more about Class Act and submit your act of kindness here. Be aware of Class Act deadlines! Once you have completed your Class Act submission, fill out this form.

Level 10

Do a Super Fundraiser! Level 10 is our hardest one for a reason. It takes dedication and serious planning to accomplish this goal, but it’s not impossible! You must raise at least $2,000 for Random Acts and have submitted a fundraiser application here. You must document with pictures and/or video and complete all required paperwork. Once you have completed your goal fill out this formNote: when sending funds, please use one of our online donation services, check, or money order; no cash please.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with! Keep changing the world!