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Trigger warning: Mentions of violence, sexual assault, and abuse.

Knowing someone who is being abused is a heartbreaking experience. Often, it can feel as though you are powerless to help. However, there are ways to support people who are experiencing violence. Here are three ways to help survivors of violence.

A woman holding bags of hygiene supplies in front of the Peace River Center building.

Nicole at Peace River Center

1) Help provide care for their pets until they find safety.

For many, getting out of a domestic violence situation requires them to leave their homes. Some have to consider the safety of children and pets when deciding to leave.

Get Inspired by Kindness: With the help of Random Acts, Alice donated new and gently used pet toys and other supplies to Ahimsa House in Georgia, a nonprofit that cares for the pets of domestic violence survivors until they can be reunited safely.

2) Donate personal care items and clean clothing.
Handwritten notes with colorful charms

Cheryl’s charms

When people leave abusive relationships, they may need to flee with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Having clean clothing and personal care items like shampoo and soap is vital.

Get Inspired by Kindness: With the help of Random Acts, Nicole in Florida and Lynn in Washington donated hygiene products and clothing to local shelters. Nicole wanted to support the Peace River Center after recommending their services to people she helped as a nurse.

Hoping to add a personal touch to her donations of hygiene supplies to Shoalhaven Homeless Hub, Random Acts supporter Cheryl made small charms and attached kind notes to them. She also donated small toys for children experiencing homelessness.

3) Donate new linens for survivors of sexual assault.

When people report a sexual assault to the police, they could have their bedsheets taken away as evidence. This heartbreaking fact can force many people to go without their own bed sheets. Consider donating new linens to these survivors to make a big difference in their day-to-day lives.

Get Inspired by Kindness: Random Acts supporter Allison donated sheet sets to the Wichita Area Sexual Assault Center in Kansas. The Wichita Area Sexual Assault Center gives new sheets to people who have had their sheets collected.

Two women wearing face masks and holding sheet sets in front of a sign that says WASAC.

Allison at WASAC

If you have a way to help survivors of violence in your community, consider getting your act of kindness funded through Random Acts. Apply for an act here to learn more.