This is a Random Acts Cinderella story in which steel-capped boots play the role of glass slippers, and the opportunity for a young woman to pursue her career dreams becomes the happily ever after.


Recently, Random Acts’ Assistant Coordinator, Beverley Burrows-Pym, was introduced to a young woman working hard to pursue her career goals. This young woman had dreams of joining the Tertiary and Further Education College (TAFE) in Queensland, Australia.

It is important to realize that each state in Australia has their own TAFE provider, typically with multiple campuses. At each A woman's silhouette stands in front of a window using welding tools and wearing a mask. Sparks are flying at her fingertips.location, programs offer industry-specific training in fields such as agriculture, automotive, nursing and transport logistics. After graduation, TAFE links students to local employment opportunities. Keep in mind, “local” in Queensland can mean any workforce program up to around186 miles (300 kilometers) away!

In particular, this young woman sought an apprenticeship with TAFE QLD studying Manual Arts. Specifically, this program splits her time between the classroom and on-the-job training in metalwork, woodwork, plastics, and acrylics. Most important, Manual Arts graduates are capable of pursuing lifelong careers in welding, fabrication, carpentry, and related industries.


But alas, glass slippers would not suffice for such a rigorous, machinery-based program! This young woman needed safety jackets and steel-toed boots, but she knew her petite frame prevented her from utilizing second-hand clothing.

Woodworking tools are laid out on a light brown, wooden table. Rotating clockwise, the tools include woodshavings, a ruler and a can of stain, paint brushes and hammers.Through Random Acts, Beverley was provided an allowance to perform a critical act of kindness for this young woman. Accordingly, Bev located and purchased brand new, sturdy socks and steel-toed boots. In addition, she sourced a few size small high-visibility jackets through a friend.

Since then, the young woman has been making great use of her jackets, socks, and steel-toed boots. Beginning in April 2019, the young woman started her Manual Arts training program with TAFE. When her family moved out of the state, she transferred to another school where she continued her apprenticeship. She will finish the program in December 2020 and looks forward to joining the workforce full-time!


One random act of kindness has the power to change the trajectory of a person’s life and their employment opportunities. Without Beverley’s support, this young woman would have faced tremendous financial difficulties and emotional distress accessing appropriately-sized safety gear.

Instead, she is thrilled to be continuing her education. Without a doubt, she credits Beverley as well as the Random Acts team with opening up a new career pathway for her.

“Part of my mission with Random Acts is to introduce this organization to people who otherwise wouldn’t know who we are or what we do,” said Beverley Burrows-Pym. “I especially want my community to know that we commit ourselves to acts of kindness all over the world.”

Random Acts staff members are proud to serve communities across the globe by performing a wide range of kindness acts, including supporting education and workforce development. 

With your support, our organization will continue to do all of this and more! Learn more about the programs we offer or consider making a donation to support incredible kindness acts such as this one!