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There are many ways to get involved at Random Acts. From joining the mailing list, to joining the staff, to applying to do a kind act, Random Acts wants to help inspire and fund kindness ideas of all sorts. Valarie Weinhaus came to Random Acts to help her support two different families — the Gower family and the Jarvis family. Both families were experiencing recent personal hardship, and Valarie wanted to help uplift their spirits and their homes.

The Gower Family

Three women standing behind two shopping carts full of kitchen supplies with their thumbs upRhonda Gower and her two daughters took the big leap of moving into their own home after years of living with her mother. This fresh start came with new needs, particularly kitchen and bedroom supplies. Valarie, being a close friend, wanted to help Rhonda and her family in any way she could, so she reached out to Random Acts. Thanks to generous donors, Random Acts was able to provide the necessary funding for Valarie’s act. She took Rhonda and her two girls shopping for all the bedroom and kitchen supplies they needed to cook healthy meals and sleep comfortably. “I have told so many people about Random Acts and (our) purpose. The family who received these items were so very grateful.”

The Jarvis Family

two people, one standing one seated, show a receipt after purchasing kitcehn and home suppliesThe Jarvis family faced profound adversity after losing husband and father Melvin Jarvis in 2017 in a tragic accident. This hardship led to Velva Jarvis and her two children needing to move out of their hometown of Ellsinore, Missouri. In the summer of 2020, they were finally able to relocate back home. Unfortunately, during the move, many of their belongings were lost during transport or destroyed by rain after arriving. This was particularly painful for daughter Kristy who is a very passionate baker. Valarie knew she had to provide hope in some way, so she applied to Random Acts for funding. Once her act was approved, she took Velva and her son Kenneth shopping. They picked out all-new kitchen supplies including a multifunction microwave with a convection oven and air fryer functions. “When we came home with all of these wonderful things, Kristy broke down into tears of joy and thankfulness,” Valarie said. “Velva and Kenneth were speechless at the amount of love and kindness shown by Random Acts.”  Valarie came away from the experience with her own joy as well. “I was overjoyed at being able to bless this family through the Random Acts grant,” she said. “It was one of the best feelings in the world to be able to provide such necessary items for people in the greatest of need.”

Feeling Inspired?

Want to do a kind act for someone but don’t know how? Reach out to our Random Acts Regional Representatives. If you’re looking for support for an act, apply to be sponsored just like Valarie did. As always, thank you for supporting our mission to spread kindness!