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Random Acts had its second annual Random Acts Auction in July 2021, where bidders could purchase acts of kindness. Ten $25 acts were up for sale to support a no-kill shelter, the Humane Society of North Myrtle Beach (HSNMB) in South Carolina. Half of the funds would go towards purchasing supplies and the other half would sponsor adoptions. This act was made possible by the following awesome donors:Whiteboard with Random Acts logo and a title saying Sponser An Act. Donor names are listed on board with a Thank You!

  • Simone Bakker
  • Christine Peilow
  • Marilena Beckstrand
  • Angela Senf
  • Donna Dowling-Hall
  • Justine Shore
  • Alison Mackellar
  • Heather Washington
  • Tina L. Lawson (x2!)

Puppy Food and Adoption Donations

Monique Lowe, Donor Appreciation Coordinator for Random Acts, arranged the supply and adoption fee donations with HSNMB’s Executive Director, Tina. Monique learned puppy kibble is one of their most needed items as it is rarely donated and often in demand at the shelter. She visited several stores and searched online before she found and purchased enough for the entire amount she needed.

Three people stand in front of a blue Humane Society van with five large bags of puppy food. After a shelter adoption event, Monique delivered the puppy kibble and the adoption fee funds. The donated funds sponsored the adoption of two cats: Puddin, a 3-year-old calico displaced when her owner passed away; and Little Man, a special needs kitty who is full of tricks! The donations not only helped the animals at the shelter but raised Monique’s spirits as well. “There is always a satisfying feeling that goes along with performing an act of kindness,” Monique said. “(…)I was humbled when I saw the shelter — they were so grateful and welcomed any help that was offered.(…) I couldn’t help but feel heartened coming away from this act.”

Feeling Inspired?

If you would like to know more about the Humane Society of North Myrtle Beach or make a donation, you can find their website here. If you would like to connect with Random Acts, Regional Representatives would love to help you find similar opportunities in your community. As always, thank you for supporting our mission to spread kindness and compassion!