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In the sometimes uncertain life of a foster child, it is helpful for them to have something they can count on. For her third time working with Random Acts, community member Kari Zohfeld provided foster kids with backpacks as a step toward feeling a little bit more safe and secure.

Susan Mickelson displays backpack donation

Susan Mickelson, Random Acts Regional Representative, was happy to assist yet again with an act of kindness by Kari Zohfeld

Repeat Performance

Kari is no stranger to Random Acts. In recent years, she has collaborated with Random Acts to provide a wheelchair and holiday gifts for families in need.

The local Aunt Martha’s Foster Care, a facility near Kari’s home in Olympia Fields, Illinois, had put out a request for backpacks for foster kids. Aunt Martha’s is a statewide organization that provides resources for health, wellness, and family services.

Once she heard about this request, Kari knew just what to do. Kari had previously worked with Random Acts Regional Representative Susan Mickelson for her first two acts of kindness. Kari reached out to Susan again and was encouraged to move forward with her third act of kindness.

Someone Has Your Back(pack)

As Kari explains, “The children that go into foster care usually do not have anything to put their belongings into besides a garbage bag.” Some of these children may also have come from what Kari calls “scary situations.” Kari was determined to do what she could to help these kids feel a little more comforted and cared for.

Kari searched online to find 20 backpacks that would fit the age range of the children at Aunt Martha’s. To make her gift even more special, she chose bright colors and exciting patterns for the children to choose from.

Due to pandemic restrictions, Kari was not able to deliver the backpacks in person. However, the community outreach contact at Aunt Martha’s was “overwhelmed with the generosity” of Kari’s donation.

Kari made her donation as a sign of the love and care that foster children need so much. In the meantime, her hope is that “we can give these children the sense that there are good people out there in the world who are willing to help.”

Local Acts Add Up to Global Good

Do you have an idea for an act of kindness in your own community? Random Acts can help with that! Contact your local Random Acts Regional Representative for information on Sponsored Acts or any other help you need to turn your idea into a reality.