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When Mayron Ramirez became the baseball coach at Charlestown High School in Boston seven years ago, he was determined to bring the sports program back to life. However, he faced a large number of obstacles.

The baseball program was not popular among students, given the outdated uniforms and lack of proper equipment. Funding was limited from the school, and since many of the students came from a high poverty area, Mayron knew he couldn’t ask them to help.

Yet Mayron was determined. He slowly began to gather funds to purchase the necessities for his team, including cleats and gloves, and personally funded new uniforms for his athletes. The baseball program was beginning to improve, thanks in no small part to his efforts.

However, the team still needed a considerable amount of gear. Their helmets were a decade old and beginning to become unsafe. They needed gloves, balls, and other necessary equipment, and Mayron decided to ask for help. He reached out to Random Acts board member Susan Markowitz, and thanks to the generous donations of our supporters, she was able to fund his request.

The students are thrilled with their new equipment. According to Mayron, “the kids feel confident using our equipment. They smile because they like how they look.”

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