Changing the world one random act of kindness at a time.

We would not be the organization we are today without our Random Acts supporters. Since we announced our Random Acts Support Program, many of you have contributed to our initiative. While some totals are still being calculated, we can say as of this writing the amount raised through our Online Auction, the Nerds and Beyond #FestivalandBeyond, and our fundraiser page is over $40,000! Those funds will focus on providing aid to those affected by COVID-19. The program’s goal is to support organizations and groups that are helping communities through this pandemic. Thanks to your generosity Random Acts will be able to help the helpers!

Our recent Online Auction to benefit The Random Acts Support Program is a testament to the impact that our supporters can make. Due to your dedication and contributions to the program we were able to raise more than $17,000!

A Big Thank You to Our Donors

The Random Acts Online Auction would not have been possible without those that donated items. One of the big items included a ‘Bad Idea Tour’ shirt donated by Stands. The shirt was autographed by Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Random Acts Co-Founder Misha Collins, and Executive Director Rachel Miner — it went for more than $500!

*Misha Collins not included.

Another notable item, donated by Season 15 Stunt Department Coordinator Rob Hayter himself, was a hat normally only given to stunt department crew.

The underside of the bill had been signed by Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Co-Founder Misha Collins, and Alex Calvert. It went for more than $3,500!

Other donors included Alana King (KingBooks), whose autographed journal went for $3,000! There were also several very huggable autographed pillows donated by Andrea Wernz-Hurtt (SPN Atomic Bombshells), a full line of products donated by Shelley at Con*Quest Journals, a gorgeous Starry Night Supernatural painting donated by Cheri Mueller (ArtParty4U), and a lovely autographed Castiel fan art donated by Dean Wilson (AngelTortured).

Beyond Just a Sponsorship

As an official sponsor of Random Acts, Nerds and Beyond held an online Festival April 25 – 26. Between informative and entertaining panels, raffles, and other activities, they were able to bring together the fandom community in a safe way. Through this endeavor they managed to raise more than $21,000!!

Getting Creative with Kindness

Team: a_random_act_of_gish

GISH, our Co-Founder Misha Collins’ scavenger hunt, helped as well with raising funds and awareness. They put on a 24-hour version of the hunt designed to keep participants safe and challenged within their homes. Specific items on the list included nominating organizations for The Random Acts Support Program. (We have received many great suggestions!) Another item had participants take a photo of as many unicorns as possible watching Executive Director Rachel Miner’s panel for Nerds and Beyond, with bonus points awarded to teams for making a donation!

If you want to keep up with what Random Acts is doing, make sure to sign up for our newsletter. Our biggest concern right now is that you all take care of yourselves and your families first. We have done a great many things together all across the globe, and we will continue to do so, especially now that kindness is more needed than ever. If you would like to help us by contributing to this initiative, please go here to donate. Looking for other ways to help virtually? Check out this blog post. You can nominate an organization right now by going here. If you have any questions about The Random Acts Support Program, please send an email to