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During the holidays, so many worthy and impactful charities compete for limited attention and resources. Wanting to make a difference for children by finding a lesser-known organization to support, Random Acts Staff Writer Mariella David completed an act of kindness for Theodorus Children’s Hospice in Hamburg, Germany, helping to make their holidays brighter.

A woman in a black coat wearing a mask standing in front of a hospice center holding a box of donations

A Simple Mission

Mariella started off with a simple goal: find a children’s charity near her that needed support around the holidays. Inspired by seeing advertisements asking for donations for another well-known children’s hospice, Mariella researched Theodorus Children’s Hospice in an effort to support a less-publicized facility. Theodorus Children’s Hospice opened in 2013 and functions as a day-care facility where patients and their families can go for respite during the day. The hospice helps terminally-ill children and young adults until the age of 27 and offers support 365 days a year, which is unusual in Germany. The hospice also provides nursing services and other support like music therapy.

Mariella decided to reach out to the donations coordinator listed on their website to see what items were needed. After speaking with the donations coordinator, Mariella found that the biggest needs for the hospice were specially-made bedsheets to turn patients in bed and a hammock for a young patient.

A box containing a hammock and bedsheet on a hardwood floor

A Glittering Thank You

Mariella bought the items with help from Random Acts. Due to the pandemic, she had to set a date to deliver the items. When she arrived, her contact Mrs. Stegemann had a surprise for her. The children at the hospice had decorated a large, pink, and glittery butterfly for Mariella as a “Thank you,” along with a photo of the patients and staff. Mrs. Stegemann told Mariella the hospice depends on donations from community members, and the items would not only brighten the days of the patients but also make the day easier and more efficient for the nursing team. As Mariella says, “The team seemed incredibly kind and dedicated and I am so happy that I could help them. If the donation helps make the nurse’s job easier and the patients more comfortable and happy — that’s all that matters.”

Making a Difference

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