Big cities mean larger populations and, sadly, more people experiencing homelessness. While some lead a happy city life, others depend on people’s help. To make a difference, Random Acts Staff Writer Madison Petro connected with Providence House to help support people experiencing homelessness in New York.

Finding a Better Way

Since Madison moved to New York City, she has become more aware of the many people experiencing homelessness. Consequently, she started carrying extra water and food with her. But she wanted to do more. Thus, Madison decided to support a homeless shelter in her area and started to do some research. She came across Providence House and immediately knew she found a great match.

Providence House provides temporary housing for homeless women and children as well as 87 units of mixed-community housing. The team serves nearly 500 people per year at ten locations within the tri-state area. The organization offers practical and essential life skills, training to progress independence and achieve daily goals. Transitional Shelter residents stay in Providence’s facilities on average for six to eight months. During this time, the organization offers numerous services and assists in searching for and obtaining housing. Providence House strives to break the cycle of homelessness. They aim to help residents receive permanent housing, get an education, learn job skills, and find employment.

Of Blankets and Slippers

Madison set her plan in motion and called Providence House. Her call was answered by Reba, who told her what the residents often request. The items included kid’s toys, stuffed animals, beauty products such as perfume and lotions, blankets, and other things to keep residents comfortable.

Madison then went on a quest to purchase the items she wanted to donate. After escaping the festive hustle and bustle of the shops, Madison had three boxes worth of goods. Among the items were blankets, toys, slippers, and beauty/bath kits. Happily she went home and planned her visit to Providence House and the delivery of her donations.

A Festive Delivery

Bright and early, on the morning of December 23, Madison went to drop off the donations at Providence House. Dressed in festive apparel, Madison arrived with her boxes and a holiday card for the shelter.
Reba met her outside to accept the donations since visitors are not allowed inside the shelter. Reba was thrilled with Madison’s gifts and told her that the residents would be happy as well.

Happy to Help

Spreading kindness and helping others makes Madison happy. She was glad that her donations would help those in need, especially since this cause means so much to her.

“I hope that by showing kindness and helping those that are too often ignored, I may inspire others to do the same”, explains Madison.

A smile and kindness go a long way in bringing some happiness to other people’s lives. Do you have an idea of how to help your community? Check out our Acts of Kindness page to apply for funding or contact your Regional Representative for guidance.