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Last December, Random Acts Staff Writer Aubrey Houck was drawn toward SPCA Florida for a special holiday act. 

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) Florida is a nonprofit organization dedicated to animal welfare in Lakeland, Florida. SPCA Florida works to lower overpopulation and raises adoption in their local community, especially when it comes to stray dogs and cats.

Aubrey, who had adopted two cats of her own from this SPCA location, was already especially fond of the nonprofit organization and all that it stands for. “Their staff is welcoming, patient, and more than willing to educate the curious,”  she said. “They’re also local to me, so I wanted to support them in any way I could.”

Making a List (and Checking It Twice) 

SPCA Florida Adoption Center

SPCA Florida Adoption Center

Aubrey knew that SPCA often has a holiday wish list, and that was a great place to start. First, she reached out to their Administrative and Marketing Coordinator, Sandra Dawson. Afterward, Aubrey was able to get her list for the canine and feline friends at the center. 

“I purchased as many items directly off of their Amazon wish list as possible,” Aubrey said.  And there was still room on the budget for cat toys.

Having specific lists made shopping for the SPCA a breeze. She also purchased included cat litter, soft and dry food, syringes, specially-requested cat toys, and even some heating pads. 

“I love watching my own cats curl up on the heating pad or get excited over new toys,” Aubrey said. “I’d like to think these donations can help the shelter animals have the same comfort while they’re waiting for their forever home.”

Gifts for All the Good, Good Boys and Girls 

Pet goodies for the SPCA.

Pet goodies for the SPCA.

Despite the external pressures of a pandemic and holiday shipping restrictions, Aubrey still was able to deliver a large number of necessities to SPCA Florida and reported that the donation dropoff was quick and easy. 

In the midst of this pandemic, pet adoptions have skyrocketed, and Aubrey noticed the fullness of the center when she made her deliveries.  “They’re operating on appointment-only adoptions at this time due to COVID,” she said. “But they were clearly booked up!”

The staff was busy but grateful for a large number of donations, which Aubrey was sure would be put to good use. 

I’m grateful Random Acts allowed me to donate so many needed items to an organization I love to support,” Aubrey said. “Having adopted two of my cats from that location, I know having a variety of toys available is helpful (some cats like string toys while others are totally bored by them, but come to life with anything that crinkles). When families have the opportunity to play with the animals, they start to connect with them. Hopefully, that connection will mean more forever homes!”

Stick around for more acts of kindness or find out how you can perform your own act. You never know how one act might spark another.