Rowan Meredith Random Acts Regional Representative, Canada-West

The next stop for Random Acts and the #RANoHungryChild movement is Vancouver, Canada.

The monetary donation Random Acts provided for this community is particularly meaningful because, as you may already know, Supernatural is filmed in this area and key players from this show made the beginnings of Random Acts possible. Spreading a little love here just makes sense.

The Heroic Efforts of the Greater Vancouver Food Bank

Although the Greater Vancouver Food Bank was originally set up to provide temporary emergency service during difficult times in 1983, the organization now provides immediate assistance while also investing in long-term solutions for families experiencing food insecurity.

To this end, the Greater Vancouver Food Bank participates in programs that supplement nutrition for infants, teach children how to prepare healthy food, encourage community kitchens, provide immediate relief and support over 75 other agencies that are fighting the good fight in their communities.

In this way, the Greater Vancouver Foodbank has moved away from the work of a “traditional food bank” and is focusing on “food quality, food literacy, and food access.”

Through the organization’s efforts and buying power, each donation is tripled. In other words, for every dollar donated to the Great Vancouver Food Bank, they are able to provide three dollars-worth of food.

This Is How We Rise

If you would like to get involved with the greater Vancouver Food Bank and its good work, please do not hesitate to check out the website and find out where you can do the most good.  Your efforts would do much good, and the community would be very grateful.

If you live in the United States and are more interested in serving in your community, then click this link to find what is available where you are. 

In the words of Robert Ingersoll, “We rise by lifting others.” We encourage you to make these words your own and find your own place to rise.