Changing the world one random act of kindness at a time.

The global COVID-19 pandemic has changed all of our lives. Certain communities and groups are especially vulnerable at this time. Those who are immunocompromised can suffer greatly if they become infected because their bodies cannot fight off the virus effectively. In order to protect themselves, many immunocompromised people have to isolate themselves and rely on other people for basic tasks, like grocery shopping.

Delivering the Goods

Rowan holding a bag of groceries

Random Acts Regional Representatives Rowan and Darsey Meredith from the Canada West region knew someone who was immunocompromised and could benefit from a little kindness. With a wish list in hand, Rowan and Darsey set out to purchase food and supplies. Because of the disruption to various supply chains, there were stock shortages that affected what was available. Even so, Rowan and Darsey were able to find almost everything on their list. Using funds generously donated by our supporters, they purchased fresh fruits and vegetables, non-perishable food items, dog bags, and kitty litter.

Bags of groceries and supplies

To protect the health of the immunocompromised person they were shopping for, Rowan and Darsey dropped off the bags full of food and supplies outside of her door. “She let us know that these groceries would go a long way for her, and help her get through quarantine while she is unable to work,” Darsey explained. Making a difference for someone in the midst of a pandemic was important to Rowan and Darsey. “It was nice to feel like there was something concrete we could do to help during this time of crisis. This is a time when we are feeling a lack of control, and having a clear task with obvious benefits helped with that,” Darsey said.

Be Kind and Stay Safe!

If you were inspired by Rowan and Darsey’s act of kindness, check out The Random Acts Support Program (COVID-19)! You can donate to fund organizations that are providing support for those affected by COVID-19. You can also nominate an organization to receive these funds!