COVID-19 has led schools to become more creative in providing meaningful, emotionally-supportive educational opportunities. For the schools still holding in-person classes, outdoor spaces have become even more necessary for a healthy and emotionally-supportive environment. UK – South Regional Lead Jade Wardle worked with the Bransgore Church of England Primary School to create a supportive fire circle in their outdoor space.

About Bransgore School

Bransgore Church of England Primary School is a primary school dedicated to an inclusive, loving education. Their goal is to foster a growth mindset in their students and they “believe that we cannot all be the best but we can all be our best.” Therefore, while academic achievement is at the cornerstone of their programming, Bransgore School takes the whole child into consideration and focuses on positive expression, diversity, and mental health. Their vision statement, “growing in the forest,” refers to physical, educational, spiritual, and communal growth. That is where Jade’s kindness act comes into play. 

A Circle of Warmth

a photograph of a black iron fire bowl with a lit fire inside.Jade was inspired to do an act for the children in her community because of how COVID-19 has impacted them. She shares that the staff at Bransgore School have been hoping to develop their outdoor spaces, and were especially hoping to install a fire pit “used to rebuild teams and help pupils with mental health and well being around the fire circle.” By installing the fire pit, the outdoor space will be accessible to students in cooler seasons while also providing an established spot for storytelling and building trust. With funding from Random Acts, Bransgore School’s hope can now be a reality!

Are you interested in helping school kids in your area? Reach out to your neighboring schools to learn how you can help meet their needs or to learn which community organizations they partner with. In addition, you can contact your local Random Acts Regional Representative to brainstorm ways to help the students in your area today.