Natália with a young girl in India  While traveling around India in 2017, Slovakian supporter Natália Sládčková decided it was time to #GetKind. She came up with a plan to bring smiles to kids in the places she visited, by handing out much-needed school supplies and oral hygiene products. After being approved for Random Acts funding — made possible thanks to our generous supporters — Natália was able to put her plan into action.

First, she set out to purchase the supplies she needed, buying directly from local vendors to make sure that her act would also be contributing to the economy. Then she set out to visit four government-run schools in different parts of India, attended by a total of 550 children.

In the classroom before handing out dental supplies in India

In the city of Varanasi, in northern India, Natália visited three different schools. Every child received a pencil case, a pencil, an eraser, a set of colored pencils, and a notebook. She also helped deliver basic oral hygiene training in two schools, handing out toothbrushes and toothpaste, and teaching children how to use them. Teachers were even advised on how to make sure their students were brushing correctly. From now on, they’ll supervise their classes as they brush their teeth every morning at school.

Handing out dental products and school supplies in India

Over 1200 miles away in the western region of Manipal, Natália teamed up with a volunteer dental program from Manipal University. Together they handed out supplies at a rural school, with the university funding half of the 300 tubes of toothpaste. As well as a toothbrush and toothpaste, each child went home with a notebook and colored pencils.

According to Natália, the project was a huge success. She said, “The children seemed happy about the supplies, and some of them brushed their teeth for the first time in their lives. Now they can have school supplies and maintain oral hygiene without deciding between a notebook and dinner.”

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