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When people think of the holiday season, the first thing that often comes to mind is the feeling of togetherness, cheer, and delicious food. However, not all families have the same resources. In the hustle and bustle of the holidays, Random Acts Fundraising Coordinator Beverley Burrows-Pym connected with a local food bank and helped families enjoy a happy holiday season.

Of Newspaper and Supermarket Adverts

Beverly recently noticed a series of newspaper and supermarket adverts as well as donation bins for a regional food bank around the town. With awakened curiosity, she asked a shop assistant in her local supermarket about the adverts. The shop assistant then directed Beverley to the donation bins for the contact details of the food bank.

 Let’s Talk about Food

Shortly after, Beverley phoned the food bank and discussed how she and her family could help. The team of Food Relief NQ was thrilled with Beverley’s call. They told Beverley about a Christmas project they support that provides food for families in need. The food bank was happy to give Beverley a list of what food they needed the most. Beverley and her family then drove to the local supermarket to buy the needed items.

Food Relief NQ

Food Relief NQ is a non-profit organization in North Queensland, Australia that provides food products to local community groups and welfare organizations. Every year for over the past five years, Food Relief NQ has purchased and distributed an average of AU$ 280,000 and over 200,000 Kg of food to over 76 welfare agencies within North Queensland.

The Gift of Giving

When Beverley and her family arrived at Food Relief NQ, a warm welcome from the team awaited them. The staff was delighted with the donations and thanked Beverley and Random Acts for the goods. They told Beverley that they are concerned about the growing number of people relying on food banks. This makes donations like Beverley’s vital.

The staff of Food Relief NQ was touched by Beverley’s Kindness Act. They were grateful that people thought about them with everything else going on in the world. Beverley felt happy that she could help other families as this is very personal to her.

“Being able to make the holiday season easier and happier for others is a great feeling,” says Beverley.

Do you feel inspired by Beverley’s Kindness Act? If you feel like spreading some Kindness, check out our Sponsored Acts page, or contact your Regional Representative for more information.