Established in 2015 at the Community Foundation of the Ozarks, the Watching Over Whiskers Feline Fund (WOW) was created to care for the lives of cats in Southwest Missouri. Since they started, WOW has been able to trap-neuter-return, provide vet care for, foster, and adopt out over 2,000 felines. They also offer financial assistance to pet owners whose animals require veterinary care or special supplies.

Choosing WOW

Random Acts’ Regional Representative Stacie Baldwin was introduced to WOW via social media. One of her friends also fosters for WOW and does fundraising for the organization. Having attended several WOW fundraisers herself, Stacie met their volunteers firsthand and saw how hard they work to care for their many feline friends. She chose WOW for her act particularly because they help pet owners afford costly supplies and vet bills, allowing beloved pets to stay in a stable home.

Food for Furry Friends

Nutritious food for hungry felines!

WOW maintains an Amazon wish list for their needed items including food, litter, treats, and other supplies. Using some shopping savvy, Stacie targeted food items and found them at a discount in other stores. She also donated prescription kidney cat food from her own pantry. As a result of her donation, hungry cats will get the nutrition they need!

If you are feeling inspired, the Random Acts Regional Representatives would love to help you find similar organizations in your community. If you would like to support the Watching Over Whiskers Feline Fund, please consider making a donation. As always, thank you for supporting our mission to spread kindness and compassion!