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Meet Kel Anders, Regional Representatives Assistant Manager at Random Acts. For her Act of Kindness, Kel supported the organization Habitat for Humanity by donating protective gear.

How it Started

The story begins at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic when Kel was a volunteer for Habitat for Humanity in Michigan. Kel knew that hospitals were in dire need of protective gear like masks and gloves and decided to contact Habitat for Humanity.

“I reached out and asked them whether they had any protective gear that I knew they were using onsite, that I also knew the hospitals really needed,” recalls Kel.

In March 2020, Habitat for Humanity gathered all the equipment they had and let Kel donate masks, safety goggles, latex gloves, and protective shoe covers to the local hospitals.

A woman with curly short hair is holding a big cardboard box and waving into the cameraHabitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity of Huron Valley (Habitat Huron Valley) was founded in 1989 when local residents saw a need to create more affordable homeownership opportunities for residents of Washtenaw County. The organization provides construction and housing support for low-income families in Washtenaw County and aims to build better neighborhoods through their volunteer, donation, partnership, and ReStore programs.

Giving Back

Kel wanted to show their appreciation for the organization by restocking all the supplies Habitat for Humanity had kindly donated during the pandemic. With help from Random Acts, Kel purchased the protective gear she wished to donate. On a freezing and snowy winter day, Kel, with her box of donations in tow, headed to a home construction worksite of Habitat for Humanity. When she arrived, a group of volunteers awaited her.

Several people are standing in a circle on a construction site. All people are dressed in warm coats and hats. Snow is lying on the ground“I am here to donate back all of the same materials with the help of Random Acts,”said Kel while presenting the volunteers with a box with her donation.

She then showed the volunteers the donations she had brought: Shoe covers, masks, gloves, and safety glasses.As a surprise treat, Kel had also brought a fruit basket from Edible Arrangements, a company that, alongside New Girl’s Lamorne Morris, raised an outstanding $100k for Random Acts back in February.

Kel said, “I felt wonderful being able to give back to an organization and its hard-working employees which has done so much for our community.”

The volunteers thanked Kel for their gesture and for the delicious fruit basket.

“We got many volunteers, and having personal protection gear will help us out and keep us safe,” said one of the volunteers while thanking Kel.

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