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Not all acts of kindness have to be for large organizations or groups. Sometimes kindness starts at home. That is the mindset Random Acts Assistant Manager of Photography, Kathryn Roach, took on when she decided to help ease a burden of her neighbor. 

Three bags of groceries that Kathryn bought for her neighbor Jane

Something About Jane

Kathryn and her neighbor Jane have known each other for several years now. Not only is Jane an excellent neighbor, but she is also heavily involved in her community. “She’s very involved in our local community garden and is always so sweet to my dog. She’s often finding new homes for used items people bring to her,” said Kathryn.

Helping A Friend In Need

While on her way to donate a baby seat to a local doula, Jane ran into Kathryn. During their conversation, Jane admitted that her family was struggling with medical costs for herself and her family. “Jane is always looking for ways to help her neighbors, so I wanted to make sure she felt the same support.”

That is when Kathryn decided to do what she could to make things a bit easier for Jane and her family. “I wanted to help her in any way that I could, but knowing that we can’t help cover those costs, I thought a solid run of groceries would make it easier for her to cover those expenses,” said Kathryn.

Fulfilling The Need

Groceries for Kathryn's neighbor Jane, spread out on a counter

Kathryn immediately went into action to help her neighbor. Jane emailed her a list of grocery items that her family needed, and Kathryn made her grocery run. Kathryn also managed to squeeze in some time to add something special to her neighbor’s list of groceries.

“I really wanted to add a personal touch,” said Kathryn, “And like many other folks during quarantine, I’ve been making my own sourdough bread. I recently came across a recipe for sourdough sandwich bread (super easy and delicious!), so I made a loaf for her as well.”

Jane was very appreciative of Kathryn’s kind efforts; however, Jane and her family were not the only ones who were positively impacted by this experience. “This was my first act, and it really made me think about all of the other folks in the community that may need a hand and how I might be able to make a difference in their lives and the community as a whole. Jane has already connected me with the local doula as well as with the local community garden to see what else I can help with…I’m excited to do more good in my neighborhood!”

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