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When Michelle Henning, Random Acts Board Member and Stands President, was looking for an opportunity to do an act of kindness, she thought of Supernatural’s Jim Beaver and his connection to the Cherokee Rainbow House in Locust Grove, Oklahoma. Rainbow House is run by the Cherokee Elders Council, of which Jim is a member. Random Acts reached out to them to see if we could provide some support.

The Cherokee Rainbow House is a “free store”—they provide clothing, shoes, toys, and household items completely free of charge to people in need. Their mission is to “offer aid in a manner designed to protect and maintain individual dignity.” All are welcome there, and may take anything they need, no questions asked. An outreach program of the Cherokee Elders Council, Rainbow House is staffed entirely by a dedicated group of volunteers.

Among their physical needs for the space was a better way to get donations and supplies loaded into the building. The Rainbow House serves about 15,000 people a year, so that’s a lot of donations! They were in need of a concrete driveway along the side of their building, to help them use the space more efficiently and completely. With Random Acts’ help, they now have a spacious, safe space for bringing donations to the house.

new driveway for Rainbow House, in progressfinished driveway for Cherokee Rainbow House

Chief Elder Jack Hummingbird says they’ve been amazed at the support they’ve received over the years from Jim’s fans, and from Random Acts. It makes him feel like even though there are a lot of people in need, they’re making progress. He says he may not see all his goals achieved during his lifetime, but the best thing to do is keep going, keep trying. We definitely agree!

Random Acts is happy to have had a small hand in helping the Cherokee Elders Council and Rainbow House serve those in need in their community.

For more information about the Cherokee Rainbow House, visit their website.