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Lisa smiling with Crisis Nursery sign in background

Lisa supported Crisis Nursery with her donation

The Crisis Nursery Coalition of Illinois is a network of child care centers with the mission of preventing abuse and neglect. Crisis Nursery is the only child care service in Illinois offering 24/7 care for families in crisis.

Lisa Cerezo, Internal Communications Manager for Random Acts, had wanted to support Crisis Nursery for some time. She had first learned about Crisis Nursery when her sons volunteered there as Cub Scouts. As Lisa explains, “I knew they were a good, trustworthy organization with a mission I could support.”

Comfy and Cozy

Lisa reached out to her local Crisis Nursery location. The contact there was not familiar with Random Acts and was glad to learn about the organization’s mission and activities.

Diapers and baby supplies

Diapers and other baby supplies waiting to be dropped off

Most Crisis Nursery centers have an online wish list of supplies, which helped Lisa identify the things they needed most. As might be expected to care for families in crisis, diapers and cleaning supplies topped the list.

Lisa also wanted to donate some fun items, so snacks and pajamas went into the shopping cart as well. “I really like to focus on children for the holidays,” says Lisa. “I can imagine the pajamas would just make those babies even more snuggly!”

Hope for the Holidays

Having experienced their own financial struggles in the past, Lisa’s family has been grateful for stability through these challenging times. Those experiences have also made Lisa more sensitive to families that are still struggling. The need for such basic items as food and diapers emphasizes how difficult circumstances can be for some families.

Lisa and Crisis Nursery staff with child care supplies

Crisis Nursery was happy to receive much-needed child care supplies

“Knowing what families are facing right now because of the pandemic,” she confirms, “I wanted to reach out and give what support I could to help give kids and families a better holiday.”

“I hope that my donation can lessen the burden of families who are struggling, at least for a little while.”

Local acts add up to global good

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