While many may be lazily filling up time during COVID-19 lockdowns, a nurse’s call buzzer is steadily gaining more traction in the ICU as the pandemic remains steady. Luckily, Random Acts Staff Writer Lauren West provided the much-needed energy kick.

Stitching Conversations in the ICU

Priorly having conducted a kindness act of a similar nature, Lauren hoped it would create a potential chain reaction into the areas outside of Orange County, California. She did not expect a bantering encounter alongside another nursing friend of hers who was pacing the ICU’s stressful halls. A “Could you feed me?” comment and a little winking emoji launched an effort to pile up on healthy snacks for the entire unit.

Image courtesy of Lauren West.

Health Warfare

All of these individually wrapped items, ranging from multiple kinds of trail mix and protein bars, to apples and mandarin oranges, to two large sizes of ground coffee and Coffee-mate creamers, were purchased from Trader Joe’s, one of the many grocery stores in the United States taking precautions with spaced-out lines and social distancing. Echoing their efforts, Lauren arrived at the hospital, parking close to the entrance so she could obey the six-foot rule when passing several neatly packed boxes to her nurse friend. However, as much of a gleeful surprise as it was, her friend also exclaimed that it was too much. Lauren responded, “Sure, they signed up to take care of the population, but who could have known they would be drafted into a health war?”

Has a cheeky remark from a friend inspired you to help out during the COVID-19 pandemic? Or if you are sitting idly by your phone, perhaps you can watch Lauren as she turns vlogging humanitarian.