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It can become difficult to care for pets when people find themselves in emergency situations, like natural disasters or violent conflicts. As a result, animals often end up at places like the Los Angeles Department of Animal Services. One way that they care for their residents is with their Boredom Busters Program. It aims to use both physical and mental stimulation to help better the overall welfare of their shelter animals.

Pooch Play

The Los Angeles Department of Animal Services’ pilot program successfully got off the ground with the help of Maddie’s Fund in 2018. Activities cutely coined Feeling a Little Bubbly, Storytime, and Pupsicles and Melt-away Glaciers led the program to where it is today. Donors can supply items through their Amazon Wish List, which is exactly what Random Acts Events Coordinator Jaden Brodie did!

“I follow a lot of shelter and rescue accounts on social media and unfortunately see last call euth list posts for animals which is always upsetting,” she said. “By and large, those animals are just not getting seen or [are] exhibiting kennel stress.” The Boredom Busters program tackles the issue and provides a number of benefits: active playtimes entertain bored dogs, showing their exuberant personalities to visitors in time for adoptions. Unwanted tics, such as excessive licking, which can create skin conditions, become moot!

A Jumbo Treat Checklist

Brodie gifted large-sized rubber toys from the wishlist, and even used her own reward card benefits so that she could purchase a couple more. She scheduled her drop-off time in accordance with National Fetch Day, and deposited the toys into blue bins (a COVID-19 precaution) outside of the Los Angeles Department of Animal Services. The department had also opened a pet pantry where owners could collect a bag of pet food if they were in need. Brodie further added, “It’d be nice if shelters didn’t need to exist, but I’m happy to be able to help these animals at this shelter get through a transitional period in between homes.”

Extend a Paw?

Has a fur friend of your own sparked a passion for animal advocacy? Our international Regional Representatives can help lead you through a kindness act in your community.