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Kindness comes in all forms, large and small. That is an ethos we embrace here at Random Acts — the idea that something you do could seem small to one person but have a significant impact on another. With COVID-19 at the forefront of our minds, this is something that has become even more evident. Our recently launched COVID-19 Support Program aims to focus on providing aid to those affected by COVID-19. So when the Regional Representative for the US South West, Amber Kinion, caught word about a local family’s situation, she knew she had to help.

One Family’s Needs

An elderly member of an Arizona family who is too ill to leave his home has only his son and grandson to care for him. Knowing the family was in a tough position, Amber reached out to ask what they needed. Their only request? Hygiene and cleaning supplies. The son works from home as well as cares for his father, so with COVID-19, these supplies were needed more than ever to keep the family safe — they were also harder to come by than ever.

Kindness Meets Resourcefulness

Amber searched high and low, going to multiple retailers to find the items the family needed. She then delivered them in the safest manner possible, maintaining social distance. The family was very grateful for Amber’s kindness and her willingness to help them at a time when leaving their home had become such a difficult endeavor.

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