Changing the world one random act of kindness at a time.


At Random Acts, we put a great amount of effort towards finding creative ways of exhibiting kindness in our everyday lives. For many people in the U.S., their lives currently involve participating in the election process. What better way to demonstrate kindness than with this effort of encouraging civic engagement. It is the ultimate form of kindness: the act of looking out for one another and making decisions together. To help make that process easier, Random Acts is providing voters waiting in long lines with snacks and bottled water.

Co-Founder and Board President Misha Collins getting the word out about #Snacks4Voters

The Duty of Kindness

Our Co-Founder and Board President Misha Collins put out the call for assistance on social media and many people answered. One such individual is Random Acts’ own IT Manager, Lauren Angelini.

As there are many places in the United States that allow early voting (before November 3), there is already ample opportunity to inspire kindness at the voting booth. Lauren herself went to vote in San Antonio, Texas. She ended up waiting in a line of at least 100 people. As she was waiting, Lauren began working on the logistics of making the most of the situation. Once she turned in her ballot, Lauren went to work.

Alicia, Castiel cutout, and Lauren

Following recommended COVID-19 protocols, Lauren picked up snacks and bottled water for the hundreds of others still waiting outside and began handing them out to the hungry voters.

Misha sent out a text message calling for supporters in the area to come help Lauren. Some incredible people showed up; Rhonda, Hannah, and Alicia, among others! Once they arrived, Lauren coordinated the distribution of snacks and bottled water to hundreds of people over the course of two days. The recipients were grateful, and it made the wait much easier for San Antonio locals.

Both Lauren and the Random Acts supporters who came to help were excited to interact with everyone. The snacks went quickly and there were many smiles; there were even a few shenanigans with a Castiel cutout one of the supporters had in her car for a class at the local library!

Are you in the U.S.? Do you want to help? If you see long lines of people waiting to vote, you can share the location and details on social media with the hashtag #VotingLines. If you want to help get snacks to those people, you can text #Snacks4Voters with your city and state to (323) 405-9939. Our supporters outside the U.S. can help by donating here so we can keep the snacks coming! We look forward to working with more of our wonderful supporters!