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child on skateboard

Little Arthur enjoying his holiday gift of a new skateboard

Tobi Palfrey wheeled in a holiday gift of skateboards to help brighten a Northern Ireland family’s challenging time.

Tobi is the Random Acts Regional Representative for the southern United Kingdom. While doing a little online shopping for collectibles, Tobi encountered a woman selling belongings to raise funds toward bills and rent. Stacey Murray’s family was facing hardships due to pandemic-related job loss and personal illness. Stacey and her partner, Johnny, were not even sure they would be able to give a holiday gift to the children they share, Arthur and Faith.

Caring in Common

Tobi asked Stacey about her story and learned that they were both dealing with different chronic illnesses. Tobi knew first-hand the challenges of raising a family while working through these issues. Stacey shared that she and Johnny felt guilty that they might not be able to provide their kids with the things they needed. Tobi says, “As a fellow parent, I understood the deep pain this can make you feel.” He began thinking about ways that he could take some of the pressure off of Stacey and her family.

When Tobi learned that Arthur and Faith really wanted skateboards, the stage was set. Through funding from Random Acts, Tobi was able to purchase matching skateboards and equipment for the children. The fact that the gear was a matched set turned out to be a special treat for Arthur. As Stacey explains, “he really looks up to his sister and wants to be just like her.”

Time to Enjoy What’s Important

Stacey and Johnny’s holiday was brighter because they could enjoy the day without worrying about gifts for their children. Thanks to the holiday gift of skateboards, the family could focus their resources on crucial items and bills. Stacey even joked that she wished she had asked for a set for her and Johnny. “We could all skateboard to school in the morning!”

People often look for hidden treasures when hunting for collectibles. Little did Tobi know the true treasure he would find that day: the chance to brighten the lives of a family in need.

Local Acts Add Up to Global Good

Do you have an idea for an act of kindness in your own community? Random Acts can help with that! Contact your local Random Acts Regional Representative for information on Sponsored Acts or any other help you need to turn your idea into a reality. Individuals who have a passion for helping other families in this part of the world might reach out to organizations such as The Charity Commission of Northern Ireland.