Conquering the world one random act of kindness at a time.

We have seen a few stories this year for our #RAHolidayKindness staff acts that have involved a very simple, yet very critical item – socks! Many people experiencing homelessness lack this very basic staple, as it is one of the items that are not donated as often to shelters. Luckily, this year our staffers were able to find some great organizations to work with in this area. Our Staff Writer Chrisha Anderson chose to work with local school Montessori Academy of Cincinnati.

Drive for Fresh Socks

Deciding to join in on Montessori “Socks for Cincinnati” drive, Chrisha and her children drove to multiple stores to make sure to stretch those funding dollars. However, she says doing acts of kindness though with two littles is not as easy as it looks! “Misha makes engaging in philanthropy with your young children look easy.” Chrisha says. “It is not always easy! Taking two young children to multiple stores did not go exactly smoothly, and more than one tantrum was experienced through the process. However, the kids did enjoy picking up every pair of socks they could find and throwing them into the shopping cart, as well as helping to put them into the donation boxes at school (which had been specially made and decorated by the school kids), and being buried in socks to take pictures!”

Chrisha’s littles and their socks!

We are so glad Chrisha is taking on the challenging but important task of teaching the next generation about how important it is to #getkind. “There were a lot of complex feelings that came up through completing the act. Explaining what we were doing and why to my second grader led to a lot of questions about homelessness, which led to her having a lot of big feelings when she started to really understand what others in her community are experiencing.” Chrisha explains. “This has led to us starting to plan more acts for this year and next, which made me so glad we did this act together, and made every challenging moment throughout the process entirely worth it.”

We hope that through reading these stories, you have felt inspired by some place you can spread kindness in your community. Perhaps, like Chrisha, you can show some young folks how rewarding it is to be a helper! Please reach out to us through our Sponsored Act page so we can help you #getkind!