Changing the world one random act of kindness at a time.


Michael Vlamis, star of Roswell, New Mexico, decided to donate all the profits from his new inclusive merchandise campaign to a nonprofit. Thanks to fans, Michael chose Random Acts. The campaign started in October of last year, and the proceeds are graciously now being given to our COVID-19 Support Program. 

Michael’s Gift

As a man who plays a bisexual character in the show, Michael stated how important it was to fans of the show to see explicit representation on screen. His campaign sold shirts with meaningful slogans on them promoting inclusivity and a less toxic form of masculinity. 

Now, that gift is going toward helping those most impacted by this pandemic, such as nurses, families, and shelters. 

His Gift and Our Gratitude 

We are so very grateful to have been a part of such an inclusive campaign and to know that this money will go toward many more acts of kindness, serving as a light in these dark times. 

Thank you, Michael, for being an example of someone who gives back to their community. Your gift will leave a more positive impact than you may ever know. 

Here are some other things people are doing to help the fight against COVID-19, like this woman who bought groceries for the immunocompromised in her neighborhood, or this way you can feed hero nurses in LA. 

If you would like to read about more acts of kindness, click here. Feel free to share them on social media. You never know how one act might inspire another.