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Tobias drops off donations of music equipment with Charlie

Tobias Palfrey was happy to work with old friend Charlie Wall to provide equipment for Crea Norfolk’s community rehearsal space.

The town of King’s Lynn, Norfolk, on the east coast of the United Kingdom, has a long tradition of music and cultural activities. One of the largest music festivals in Europe is held there. It is also the home of the oldest working theater in the United Kingdom.

While the arts may be thriving in King’s Lynn, finding resources for community programs has been a challenge. To address this need, in 2021 the nonprofit organization Crea Norfolk was established. Crea offers low-cost or free cultural programs and rehearsal space for local musicians and artists, especially young people.

A Duet by Friends

Tobias Palfrey, Regional Representative for the UK South region, had been spreading the word in Norfolk about funding available from Random Acts. Tobias was happy to hear from Charlie Wall, an old friend who had recently become the Operational Director for the vibrant new arts charity of Crea Norfolk.

As a seasoned counselor and youth program manager, Charlie already had plenty of experience working with youth clubs. “I have known Charlie for years and have watched him work to improve the lives of local youth in our community,” says Tobias. When given the opportunity to help support Charlie’s new charity, Tobias confirms that he “jumped at the chance.”

Tobias and Charlie met to discuss how Random Acts could help. First the old friends caught up over stories about each other’s charities, including “moments that had frustrated us, moments that made us laugh, and the feeling it gave us to be able to give back to our community and help it grow.” Charlie provided a list of the equipment and specialty items that would strengthen Crea Norfolk’s outreach, and Tobias moved into action.

A Song in the Key of Kindness

boxes of cables, lights, and other stage equipment for music rehearsals

Tobias donated stage equipment such as cables and lights to Crea Norfolk.

Crea operates a wide variety of creative programs, including filmmaking, computer coding, athletics, and music lessons. However, one of Crea’s biggest collaborations is in music production, recording, sound engineering, and elements of stagecraft and creative management. With the supplies provided through Random Acts, Crea Norfolk can offer musical equipment that young people might not otherwise be able to access.

Tobias believes that Crea’s social environment is the key to the center’s success. The funding from Random Acts allows community members who love the creative arts to “thrive in something they enjoy,” as Tobias explains, “and supports a place where they can work with their peers on joint projects.”

Funding for youth programs has decreased, so peer support and hands-on experiences have also dwindled. Some of Crea’s participants have already appeared in local concerts and music festivals, proving that the young organization’s model of socialization and collaboration is a success.

Rockin’ Past the Roadblocks

After guiding many projects through Random Acts funding, Tobias has seen his share of hurdles. The region suffers from a high poverty rate, and Tobias has himself struggled alongside his friends and loved ones. He admits that delivery delays, procedural issues, and a lack of local resources have sometimes led him to tears and frustration. “In the end, though, it is always worth it.”

Charlie and Tobias agree that “new people will come forward and continue to make the arts scene here thrive and grow.” Do you want to be one of those people? Rock on!

To support Crea Norfolk, follow them on social media and reach out through their contact links:

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