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The beauty of an isolated garden can become unpredictable. When left alone with the daylight, ferocious weeds sprout from their pavement cracks, visualizing nature’s before and after shots. 462 Halsey Community Garden, which was temporarily closed due to COVID-19, is experiencing this.

halsey garden

Coordinating Wishes

Before the pandemic, 462 Halsey Community Garden was part of Random Acts Photography Assistant Manager Kathryn Roach’s routine. The garden is a local find, being 100-yards away from her house. She would walk there daily. “They had to close last year because of COVID, which was so sad since they do a lot of outreach in the community,” Roach said. In an effort to help the helper, Roach’s neighbor spread the awareness of the garden needing some sprucing up.

Originally the project included a large hose connecting to the fire hydrant where 462 Halsey Community Garden sources water from the other side of the street. “It’s a two-lane road with city buses traveling up and down all day long, so the hose breaks often,” Roach supplied. The garden also needed lumber to rebuild its raised beds. Fulfilling the garden’s wishlist became an act of coordination. The parks department ticked off the hose. So, Roach bought some fencing and supplies for the beekeeper.

halsey garden

An Earthly Makeover

Shortly after, the garden reopened, showcasing its makeover. “I love walking by the garden! It looks so lush in there!” Roach exclaimed. “When we began talks about the food equity initiative this year, I thought the garden might be too small of a project to take on, so I’m really glad we could help them in any way we could (especially the bees!).”

Beneficent Inspiration

Restaurants, theaters, and libraries also fall under the category of hideaways lately left untouched due to the pandemic. Are one of those your little sanctuary? Maybe it needs a touch of glam. Please have a chat with our friendly Regional Representatives. They are always looking for ideas. Our Acts of Kindness proposal page can provide assistance, too.