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Many of us choose a furry companion to share our lives with. But sometimes circumstances leave pet owners not being able to care for their fuzzy family member. This is where organizations like the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando come in. Random Acts Fundraising Manager Jennifer Santangelo teamed up with the organization to help support pets and their owners in her local community.

Supporting Furry Family Members

The combination of the global COVID-19 pandemic and the holiday season led to an increased need for support concerning pets and their owners. Thus, shelters and organizations are working hard to provide animals with housing and care. Jennifer noticed this and decided to support the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando with her Kindness Act.

A woman in a blue T-Shirt is standing in front of a sign saying "Welcome Pet Alliance". The sign depicts a dog and a cat.The Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando

The Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando is a no-kill shelter that focuses on the welfare and well-being of dogs and cats in Orange, Seminole, and Osceola Counties. Around 5,200 homeless dogs and cats are being housed in their shelters every year.
In addition to adoptions and low-cost clinics, the Pet Alliance also operates a Pet Food Pantry for local residents in need of help to feed their furry family members. The organization focuses on providing compassionate and knowledgeable services for pets and their owners. The Pet Alliance aims to be a leader in innovative animal care, veterinary medicine, and sheltering.

Treats for Happy PetsA woman is standing in front of a car holding huge bag of dog food. The car's trunk behind her is open and shows many big cardboard boxes.

To get an idea of what the Pet Alliance needed most, Jennifer had a look at the organization’s website. She quickly found what she was looking for because the shelter had included a Wish List of their most needed items. Jennifer selected a mix of cat and dog food that she was sure would help restock the shelter’s pantry.

Among the goods were:
15 Bags of Dog Food
10 Bags of Cat Food
5 Cases of Dog Treats
5 Cases of Wet Cat Food

Covid protocols limit the number of people allowed inside the office and shelter area. So Jennifer was met by someone from the team outside the shelter. The team of the Pet Alliance was very happy to have donations to restock the pantry – especially after a busy holiday season.

“I was happy to provide food that would not only support the shelter residents while they wait for their forever home, but I am also happy to support residents of my local community who rely on the pet food pantry to keep their pets fed, healthy, and out of shelters,” says Jennifer.

Did Jennifer’s Act of Kindness inspire you? Do you know someone in your community who could need some support? Head over to our Acts of Kindness page to apply for funding. Or reach out to your Regional Representative for guidance.